The Siege of Ver Lor Reg

Ver Lor Reg, Ilshenar, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – June 25, 2012 – by Ashlynn – After a long fought battle, Ver Lor Reg fell to forces loyal to Lord Dupre this past weekend, finally ending the threat of Exodus once and for all. This victory is a historic milestone in the ongoing chronicle of our realm and will be spoken of in taverns for decades to come.

The call had gone out several days before with news that Lord Dupre would be marching from his camp during the weekend. With everyone having made preparations over the past few days, the final assembled volunteer army was well equipped and in high spirits.

Lord Dupre once again gave a short speech before we set off, encouraging us to be brave while informing us we must not – indeed we could not fail. All those present however seemed assured of victory and off we set for Ver Lor Reg to deal the death blow to Exodus and his sinister plans for Britannia.

The defences guarding Exodus dungeon were still weak following our previous attack a few days earlier and we quickly overran them, soon forcing our way into the dungeon itself. Once inside, the mechanical defenders attempted to prevent us from reaching the main chamber, throwing a whole host of iron golems at us and even some new machines we had not seen before. Despite this effort however, the clockwork creatures could not halt our advance and we quickly cleared the complex of all enemies.

Using the power of Starfell (and a little hope I suspect), Lord Dupre destroyed the strange metallic protrusion revealing a tunnel that led us all way into Ver Lor Reg. We moved swiftly, appearing on the western side of the city where we were beset by a few more surprised (if such things can be surprised) defenders.

It seems Exodus had anticipated our attack and had constructed multiple bastions full of a new kind of creature called a “Dreadnought” that had to be breached before we could advance. Not only did we have to defeat the defenders of each bastion but we also had to break down their walls. Each was built at a strategic point in the city and together they made an effective defensive line.

But no cunning defences would be able to stop us. Exodus had aroused the ire of the Britannian people, heroic volunteers who were determined to end his threat once and for all. Once each bastion was destroyed and all the mechanical defenders smashed on the tainted ground of Ver Lor Reg, Exodus deigned to appear before us with in person and with murderous intent.

The half-daemonic half-mechanical creature was enormous, larger even than Corgul, Charybdis or a mighty scalis. The greater dragon pets of the tamers amongst our number looked like insects and we looked as even less.

Exodus didn’t give us much time to brace ourselves before several explosions went off around us, followed by daemonic claws swinging in large arcs cleaving all before them. The battle raged on for what seemed like an eternity and despite horrendous casualties, Exodus was finally cast down.

It was almost too difficult to believe but Lord Dupre urged us to make haste and rally at Honor moongate. As Lord Dupre handed us a blackened journal said to belong to Lord Blackthorn himself and began to deliver his speech, a great magical force suddenly shattered the moongate beside us. Lord Dupre looked shocked and suggested the destruction of Exodus may have triggered some kind of failsafe or perhaps allowed room for an even graver threat to manifest.

We were forced to seek another route back to Trinsic, some of us with scrolls of commendation in hand. Our victorious band celebrated for some time before all began to disperse for some much needed rest. I myself decided to peruse the contents of the journal though the shocking revelations within will need to wait for another article.

But what happened to the moongate? Was Exodus really responsible or is it possible there is yet a greater threat to Sosaria? And what form will that threat take? And despite our historic victory, the realm remains engulfed by internal strife and the possibility of outright civil war looms on the horizon.

Though this victory is a ray of light, I must admit I fear there are darker days ahead for Sosaria.

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