Turning the Tide – The Campaign Against Exodus

Dupre’s Camp, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – June 22, 2012 – by Ashlynn – The past week has seen a reversal in fortunes for the brave volunteers who are resolved to take the fight to Exodus despite the turmoil still engulfing the realm. First there was a strike against Exodus’ old lair south of Ver Lor Reg and yesterday, the recovery of an important reagent used to remove the curse on a potent weapon that may aid us in our fight.

A Strike at the Heart

Volunteers were called up this tueday past by Lord Dupre and Commander Foxx for an aggressive patrol into Exodus’s old lair near the fallen city of Ver Lor Reg. Before we set off from Trinsic he informed us that if any of us had reservations about going into battle against our enemy, we should visit the Fishing Village in northern Ter Mur and see the plague that Exodus has brought upon the gargish folk.

We soon made our way into Ilshenar, fighting our way through a host of mechanical guardians before reaching the complex. Soon we were inside and the corridors echoed with the sounds of battle for some time before we broke through to the heavily guarded central chamber – a great cavernous room that contained a large machine of unknown purpose.

What caught Lord Dupre’s attention most though was some kind of metallic protrusion that had broken through the walls and floor of the chamber. What it was exactly, we didn’t know but it would require further investigation and with our victory secure we returned to Trinsic for the evening, some – including Dupre – to the tavern.

The topic soon turned to an artifact known as Starfell and we soon learned some details of it’s origins. A blade that once belonged to an ancestor of Valyon’s who himself had a mage companion. This companion was corrupted and consumed by power and Valyon’s ancestor tried to stop him but couldn’t. All seemed lost when a wisp-like creature merged with his sword and allowed him to pierce the mage’s magical barrier and strike him down.

From then on the blade had been called Starfell due to the dark red-black colour it turned that seemed streaked with stars. But the blade was also said to be cursed and that even if it could pierce any magical barrier, there was a cost to doing so.

The conversation then turned to other topics and after a little drinking, all soon grew tired and decided to retire for the eve. We were informed however that volunteers would be called up again soon enough and so we should listen out for such a call.

The Gargish Plague

I heard word of an infection slowly spreading throughout the natives of Ter Mur several days ago but had not seen fit to investigate it, dismissing it as yet another rumour. After Dupre’s comments the previous night however, I decided to see what was happening for myself.

I made my way to the Royal City and then headed north without informing the gargish authorities. If the rumours were true then it was entirely possible that gargish guards would attempt to dissuade me from visiting the Fishing Village north of the city.

Navigating the somewhat wild lands with care, I happened upon the village itself, fenced off and with a large sign declaring the area quarantined by orders of Queen Zhah. Though it may have been risky to do so, I decided to venture inside as the rumours suggested that the plague only affected native Ter Mur gargoyles and not humans it all, and I was shocked by what I found.

Sick gargoyles wandering around aimlessly, a few already passed away. They were indeed the winged natives of Ter Mur, not the wingless gargish from Ver Lor Reg. Their skin was a sickly green in colour and they were weak, running high fevers. Coughing, nausea and vomiting were the obvious symptoms. I decided against a more physical examination.

More shocking still was a funeral pyre behind one of the buildings still burning. It was clear there had already been many deaths and yet more to come. A number of those sick expressed their anger and resentment at the Ilshnari Gargish who they claimed had brought this upon them.

If there is truth to this, then it seemed the legacy of Exodus will live on long after it’s defeat unless some way can be found to cure the plague.

Cleansing Starfell

Yesterday evening Lady Vashri called us all to the City of Trinsic with news about Starfell. She informed us that Lord Valyon have gifted the item to her and that it was indeed cursed so it was decided that it best if we spoke to the mage Balandar regarding how to remove the curse.

She also saw fit to explain to us that no support would be forthcoming from the soldiers of Trinsic or Britain as both were on a war-footing expecting the other to attack. It seemed even the threat of a clockwork army in Ilshenar was not enough to persuade them.

So to Moonglow we went, artifact in hand and after fighting back a few raiders, we spoke to Balandar. He confirmed the blade’s curse and told us exactly how it worked. Anyone who used the weapon would die. Simple enough but also costly enough for us to seek a way to remove it.

Balandar knew of a ritual to do so but required a special reagent – a horn of some kind – from one known as Ilhenir the Stained who resided in Bedlam below Umbra City. With this information at hand we decided to act immediately.

Via magical moongate, we entered Bedlam and fought a host of vile creatures, some I had not seen before. Soon the creature we sought appeared but our numbers were many and we emerged victorious. Think that the end of the matter and another victory won, we returned to Moonglow.

Immediately a large army of clockwork minions ambushed us, catching us by surprised. They were everywhere, hundreds of the machines determined to stop us. We fought for a long time just to reach Balandar’s house and we urged him to destroy the Nexus and complete the ritual while we fought them off.

It was close fought but Balandar eventually managed to destroy the Nexus with powerful magics. With the evil contraption consumed by a huge explosion, he quickly removed the curse using the horn and urged us to make haste to Dupre’s camp to hand him the blade.

Using magics to travel the realm quickly once again, we arrived at the camp and Lady Vashri handed him the blade Starfell. Holding it aloft he gave the assembled volunteers a rousing speech, urging us to be strong and vigilant and informing us we would begin our final assault in the days to come.

This final assault we were told will take place this coming saturday at 9pm by the eastern clock. Everyone should be prepared for a long hard fight against and cold, fearless and determined enemy, however as Lord Dupre told us, we cannot lose this battle.


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