PaxLair Establishments

Herein is presented a comprehensive list of all PaxLair Alliance establishments that exist past and present. If anyone has any additional information or things to write about these places, or wishes to submit a description of an unlisted establishment, feel free!

Note: This section is still being populated

PaxLair City

  • Arcane Arts
  • Balances of PaxLair
  • Chaos Tower (see Necromancer Tower)
  • Crumbling Building
  • Defence Fortress
  • Ebil Uruk Hut
  • Friar’s Stone Abbey
  • King da Stu Makr’s
  • Ladies of the Lair
  • Luigi’s Pizzeria and Bakery
  • Mage Tower
  • Mythndale Embassy
  • Necromancer Tower
  • North Arena
  • Orc’s Breath Forge
  • Paladin Tower
  • Paladins of Virtue – Paladin Keep
  • PaxLair Inn
  • Stable House
  • Survival Shop
  • Tall Tale Tavern & General Store
  • Troubadour Hall
  • Underworld, The
  • Urk Hut
  • Vault and Alchemy Shop
  • Ye Olde Pax Wood Shoppe

Dragons Watch

  • Dragons Watch Community Center
  • Lost Dragon Tavern


  • Blue Light Tavern
  • Dojo and Auction House
  • Evil Park
  • H-J Rune Library
  • Lucky Fox Temple
  • Mayor’s Office
  • Outpost Survival Traders
  • Paladin Hall
  • PaxLair Gardens
  • PaxLair Knights Headquarters
  • PaxOku City Hall
  • PaxOku Tea House
  • Public Forge of PaxLair

PaxLair Outpost

  • Followers of Armageddon
  • Malas Auditorium


  • Bread Mission
  • Pitmuck Park


  • Vesper Community Center


  • Barashalu Cemetary
  • Shrine of Sobriety

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