PaxLair Times is an [in-character role-playing] historical news service sponsored by the PaxLair Statehood on the Chesapeake Shard of Ultima Online.  Reporting covers all of the Chesapeake Shard.  Sometimes, reporting will be [out-of-character] for [real-life events or information] that are significant to the history of the Shard or the entire Realm.

–> See the PaxLair Government Video (2007)

PaxLair Times’ goal is to record current and past Chesapeake Shard history.  All too often, things happen in the Realm and history doesn’t get recorded where it can be retrieved years later.  PaxLair Times is a place to help fix that problem.  PaxLair’s news and history has been preserved since [1998] and will continue through the PaxLair Times.  However, we will venture to add and record more historical articles.  How is the PaxLair Times preserved for all time? Well, we have committed people who are dedicated to [back up and rehost] the material as needed.

The Style of Reporting is primarily “In-Character” and “Role-Playing”.  Nearly all reporting is from an [in-character] point of view.  Things that may be [“out of character”] are put in [brackets] or an entire article declared [“out of character”].  Most of the articles are based on actual [in-game] experiences in the Realm [(Ultima Online)].  However, some fiction can be added as desired by the article author.

The Scope of PaxLair Times is more than just PaxLair and its cities.  It can include information about all places and peoples on the Shard.

PaxLair Times has several authors from across Chesapeake.  Authors are not all citizens of the PaxLair Statehood.  For example, an author can be a wandering scribe or the master of a guild anywhere on the shard.  And the author does not need to cover everything happening–just what interests the writer.  The only criteria for authors is their articles add to the [role-playing] history of Chesapeake in some way.  Winfield receives and accepts the authors for PaxLair Times.

PaxLair Times Articles can be republished on UO Stratics, UO Forums, and UO Guide without prior permission (unless specifically noted in a PaxLair Times article), as long as PaxLair Times is referenced as a source.

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