Tehan of Yew Rescued From Clutches of Orc Warlord

Yew, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – June 10, 2015 – by Ashlynn – Some weeks ago it was rumoured that Governor Tehan of Yew was involved in dark ritual magic he intended to use against his nemesis – orcish warlord Crak’Trizh. Tehan was reported missing soon after with even those amongst his inner circle having no idea of his whereabouts.

20150610tehan3Loyal guardsman Li soon took up the mantle of trying to find the missing governor when a “friendly” orc shaman by the name of Kipu informed us that the previously mentioned warlord now held Tehan prisoner. Li gathered together several volunteers and embarked on his quest. It must be said that many thought Tehan would surely be dead by the time we found him – a victim of horrendous torture or even food for the orc’s table.

Earlier this week the ors shaman informed us that he knew where the governor was and also knew how to defeat Crak’Trizh. All we needed to do was recover three pieces of an ancient orcish staff and then face Crak’Trizh in battle where he resided in a lava-filled underground cave.

Raiding several orc settlements and leaving a trail of bloody corpses in our wake, we soon recovered and repaired the staff before making our way to the cavern via a magical gate. Governor Tehan was indeed alive, locked in a rusty iron cage above a river of fire. Battle with Crak’Trizh’s servants quickly followed. It was a hard-fought battle with with the rescuers suffering many a casualty but a great slaughter was soon made amongst the enemy and victory follower.

After the battle was over Crak’Trizh was found amongst the fallen but so too was the loyal Li who had fought so hard to rescue his lord. Tehan promised to honour the actions of his loyal retainer and I am sure we all expect the governor to make good on his oath.

In a surprising turn of events the shaman Kipu asked Tehan to give him a position of power in Yew which – to the shock of the assembled crowd – the governor agreed to. I myself attempted to quietly suggest that such a position be a ceremonial one at best but I suspect my advice will go ignored. While I am happy to accept the orc is no enemy of Britannia I would be hesitant to call him a friend.

But a governor has been rescued and a powerful warlord has been put to death. Other matters of concern will no doubt be resolved at the next meeting of governors where I am sure the King will no doubt have something to say on the matter.

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