News From Across the Realm, Volume 2, Issue 9

The PaxLair Press, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – May 22, 2012 – by Ashlynn – The past few weeks have seen a number of shocking events unfold, from the fall of Ver Lor Reg to the appearance of Lord Dupre in the fair land of Britannia. As always, I have been there to witness it all! Or at least most of it.

Pitmuck Art Faire a Success

The goblin art faire saw a large turnout as people made their way in droves to see what was on display. Some of the works to be seen included poorly drawn pictures, an ice cream sculpture and even a miniature pagoda made out of mushrooms.

After visitors had spent some time viewing the artwork, Ozog announced that darts contest would begin. Unfortunately only humans could enter the tournament as the throwing knives were unsuitable for gargish hands. Interestingly, Ozog had created a stuffed effigy of Dudley to use as a target. After a number of rounds of throwing, the results were as follows:

  • 1st Place: Vampiro
  • 2nd Place: Miranda
  • 3rd Place: Karthec

Prize money for the winners was 2 million, 1.5 million and 1 million gold respectively. A door prize was also announced for all attendees, with the prizes donated by Lady Falbala of Dragons Watch.

After the events on the mainland were conclude, everyone took to a few ships to participate in a naval excursion around the islands. Sadly I was unable to join the would-be buccaneers as someone cast a sleep spell on me at this point.

Ver Lor Reg Falls to Exodus

In a shocking turn of events, the Gargish City of Ver Lor Reg fell to the forces sometime before this friday past. When precisely this occurred is unknown, but what is know is that a band of volunteers led by Lady Vasheri of Trinsic escorted Queen Zhah to the city only to find it occupied by a huge force of mechanical monstrosities.

Believing it to be just another raiding force, the rag-tag militia attacked the invaders only to discover the true size of their vast force. After engaging with the clockwork enemy for quite some time, Lady Vasheri led a retreat aided by none other than Dupre himself, who informed all those present that the Gargish inhabitants had been evacuated just before the enemy took control of the city.

The gargish refugees now reside in Ter Mur under the “protection” of Queen Zhah (though I fear neglect and starvation may take more of their number than any mechanical creature could). Many appear ill while others are malnourished or severely injured. We can only hope that the gargish queen offers more in aid than a few tents outside her city walls.

Sorceress Cora Besieges Covetous

Rumours of Sorceress Cora’s designs upon the mines of Covetous proved true as a large force of creatures entered through several moongates in an attempt to occupy the dungeon. It is unknown if any are yet fighting the good fight but a Royal Call to Arms has been issued for this coming wednesday in an attempt to drive out the invaders.

Vela the Sorceress of Cove is also offering rewards for those who wish to strike a blow against the forces of Cora and those who have slain any of her minions should speak with Vela.

Lord Dupre Rally’s the People

After the disasterous attack on the City of Ver Lor Reg, Famed Lord Dupre escorted Lady Vasheri’s beaten force from Ilshenar to Trinsic before formally announcing his return from fighting against the forces of Sorceress Minax. He expressed his shock at the state of the realm he returned to with chaos and evil encroaching on all sides, and has vowed to fighting against these sinister forces. He also informed us that he had ordered Commander Foxx to seal the City of Ver Lor Reg using Balandar’s alchemical explosive in an attempt to stem the mechanical tide.

And then in true heroic fashion, he invited us all to the tavern to socialize a little. One of the patrons present, a man by the name of Extinction engaged in argument with Lord Dupre expressing his displeasure at Dupre not leading an immediate attack. Dupre simply replied stating it would be more sensible to attack to a plan and a better prepared force – sentiments I must agree with.

Gyldenfeld Survey Complete

After several hundred painstaking hours, the survey of the City of Gyldenfeld is now complete and a map of the city can be found in the Alliance section of the Times. This leaves one final city in the alliance to be surveyed – that of the City of Aryslan.


Roan of Nidaros seeking those newly returned to the realm to interview for upcoming Times article! Seek out Roan if interested in sharing your view.

Escort sought for transport of valuable cargo from Moonglow to Lakeshire. Strong possibility of attack. Speak with Heliantha at the Lyceaum.

VERY LUCKY RING FOR SALE. 5 MILLION GOLD. Will consider livestock as part exchange or other goods. – Mel

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