Rockfalls Seal Central Ilshenar

Ilshenar, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – January 12, 2012 – by Ashlynn – A series of tremors have caused rockfalls across Ilshenar, sealing the mountain passes into the central region, formally a domain of the late Lord Blackthorn. It is as yet unknown if the rockfall’s were the work of nature or if something more sinister is afoot. Though the passes remain open to the Gargoyle city of Ver Lor Reg, access to the stronghold of Exodus has also been impeded.

There are also rumours that the former stronghold of Lord Blackthorn in the region is now nothing more than a pile of rubble. As for the denizens of the old keep, their fate is currently unknown.

While seeing the collapsed passes for myself, I came across a number of large green boxes fixed to the top of various boulders and other huge rocks. Having not come across them before in my travels, I can only assume they are a recent addition. Whether they had some involvement in the rockfalls, or are part of a future plane is not known.

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