PaxLair 13th Anniversary Events Schedule

PaxLair, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – January 12, 2011 – by Winfield – The 13th Anniversary of PaxLair will be held January 15-19, 2011 in a number of places on Chesapeake.  Over the course of 5 days, events will take people to all the facets starting with a huge voyage at sea, continuing on to a  unique historical tour, games and tournaments, mazes, … and finishing with a Statehood Dinner for all to feast.  There are 13 events in total!  Everyone can participate in something.  Gates will be cast from New Haven Bank for each event.  Come out and join the fun … perhaps see some old veterans you’ve not seen for years … and even win a few prizes and learn some history!  Dragonspeed!!

PaxLair City was founded on January 19, 1998 in the meadow west of the Compassion Shrine on Felucca. Throughout its history, it served with other player-towns to help communities and people work together. In the old days before Trammel, PaxLair was a vibrant crossroads for good, neutral, and evil. It is blessed by the gods with unique indoor and outdoor features. On November 11, 1998, Lord British himself visited PaxLair City to honor the city’s founders. PaxLair is the oldest, continuously running “player-town” on the Chesapeake Shard.

Today, PaxLair is a Statehood of four wonderful cities across Felucca, Tokuno, and Trammel: PaxLair City, Dragons Watch, PaxOku, and Nidaros.  PaxLair also has a great Alliance with three more fantastic cities: Gyldenfeld, Pitmuck, and Arylsan. Each city is unique and brings different wonders to the Realm through citizens, allies, and friends. PaxLair is based on tenets of Peace, Neutrality, and Roleplaying.

To help you get to the events: 

  • Gates are provided at the New Haven Bank, Trammel before each event.
  • The Tea House in PaxOku, Homare-jima, Tokuno has runes for the events for the day below the Message Board.  From Homare-jima Moongate, go NE to the end of buildings on the road (Monks Crossing). Tea House is on the left side.
  • Shout out in the PaxLair Global Chat Channel and we will help you!

THIS IS THE OFFICIAL SCHEDULE (subject to change even up to the time of events)

Friday, January 14, 2011

  • 7:30 PM ET – 8:30 PM ET – Pre-registration for the Blackfoot Regata
    • Host: Mayor Zanku of Nidaros
    • Location: New Haven, Trammel
    • Details: Come and fill out the books needed to enter your ship and crew into the Blackfoot Regata to be held on Saturday, January 15 at 9 PM ET.  Pre-registration is highly encouraged since there will be limited time on Saturday to register all ships and crews.

Saturday, January 15

  • 8 PM ET – Opening Ceremonies
    • Host: Governor Winfield
    • Location: Twin Towers, PaxLair City, Felucca (gates from New Haven Bank)
    • Details: Bring your fireworks wands and firecrackers! Listen to a speech from the Governor and others.  Wander around the historic PaxLair City and see many old and new attactions.
  • 9 PM ET – Blackfoot Regata
    • Host: Mayor Zanku of Nidaros
    • Location:  South Point, Nujel’m, Trammel (gates from New Haven Bank and PaxLair City)
    • Details: A huge ship Regata sailing contest with larger prizes!
  • 11 PM ET – PaxLair City Taverns are Open!! And tell yer best fish & sea stories, arg!!
    • Host: Winfield, the first PaxLair barkeep
    • Location: Luigi’s Outdoor Cafe, PaxLair City, Felucca (gates from New Haven Bank)
    • Details: Come willing to enjoy the evening in the streets and houses of historic PaxLair City, the oldest operating city on the Shard. Wander the city and see all the sights … and the old orc fort too! Tell some of your best fish stories … the one that got away, the one that broke your leg, the one that made your wife slap you (oh, those mermaids!), the one that brought on the evil pirates and sank ye ship! Arg! Enjoy company with friends and companions. See people of many different races. Come able to defend yourself if attacked by party crashers, or just kick back with some old clothes and have an ale or two and some great laughs!

Sunday, January 16

  • 8 PM ET – Unique Places Tour
    • Host: Winmere of PaxLair
    • Location: Tea House, PaxOku, Tokuno (gates from New Haven Bank)
    • Details: This annual tour takes you to rare, unique, and interesting places dated back from the time the Realm was born.  Winmere, a great storyteller, explains why these places are significant in Chesapeake history.  Enjoy this great trip down nostalgic lane.
  • 9 PM ET – No Event (House of Commons meeting with the EMs at Britain House of Commons Hall)
  • 10 PM ET – Cow Event
    • Host: Ashlynn of PaxLair and PaxOku
    • Location: Trammel (you must catch gates from New Haven Bank)
    • Details: This is not the historic cow tipping event.  This is something fun and unique… come and see what it is!
  • 11 PM ET – Parade
    • Host: Governor Winfield
    • Location: starts at Community Center, Skara Brae, Trammel (gates from New Haven Bank)
    • Details: March across Sosaria to many different towns and cities! Throw candy to the kids and explosion potions to your enemies (who knows where the parade will go … it’s rather spontaneous!)

Monday, January 17

  • 7 PM ET – Let’s Make a Deal
    • Host: Phoenix of Dragons Watch
    • Location: Dragons Watch Community Center, Malas (gates from New Haven Bank)
    • Details: Just like the classic game show… Make a Deal!  Remember to bring plenty of common items for that audience participation to get on stage!  Like you need a ball of yarn, or scissors, or an apple. Who knows!  Then get on stage and make deals of your life for huge prizes!
  • 9 PM ET – Archery Tournament
    • Host: Se’an Silverfoot of Dragons Watch
    • Location: Luna Fairgrounds (gates from New Haven Bank)
    • Details: Compete against archers from across Sosaria to become recognized as the Champion Archer of the PaxLair 13th Anniversary!  There are great prizes and loads of fun!  And you don’t need to be a grandmaster archer to have fun and compete.  Pick up a bow and some arrows (which are provided if needed) and try not to hit Se’an.

Tuesday, January 18

  • 8 PM ET – Musical Chairs
    • Host: Grimlar Mithrax of PaxOku and Winmere of PaxLair
    • Location: PaxLair Statehood Museum, PaxOku, Tokuno (gates from New Haven Bank)
    • Details: March around chairs and when the music stops, sit down quickly!  Because there’s one less chair than people.  The person left standing loses.  Then one more chair is removed … and another round is played … until only one person is left sitting!  It’s hilarious, especially with 50 people!
  • 9 PM ET – Dual Maze Race
    • Host: Shef Sigurth of Aryslan
    • Location: Maze 1 at Aryslan Fairgrounds, Malas – Maze 2 in Aryslan, Felucca (gates from New Haven Bank to both mazes)
    • Details: Aryslan is hosting a dual maze event for the PaxLair Anniversary.  Two mazes are being run simultaneously, so take your pick! A special Malas location at the Aryslan Fairgrounds boasts a three floor maze — First one through wins 1 M gold!  For the Felucca maze, people will enter on different floors in groups … and combat is allowed — Last person standing in the Maze wins 2 M gold!

Wednesday, January 19 – Anniversary Day!!

  • 8 PM ET – Mage Poker
    • Host: Dragons Watch
    • Location: To be announced (gates from New Haven Bank)
    • Details: Mages summon creatures and depending on the number and type summoned, they win hands of the card game Poker!  It’s great fun!  People of modest magery skill can participate!
  • 9 PM ET – PaxLair Anniversary Dinner
    • Host: Governor Winfield
    • Location: Mage Tower, PaxLair City, Felucca (gates from New Haven Bank)
    • Details: All are welcome! There will be speeches, diplomacy, good food, and good spirits! Dinner will be in an open-hall format, casual, not formal dining. So talking among different groups and people will be easier than a sit-down dinner.

Additional events to fill in as time permits.

  • Hangman!
    • Host: Ashlynn of PaxOku and PaxLair
    • Location: Court of Nujel’m, Trammel (the guillotine next to the large chessboard)
    • Details: This is the classic word game where you guess letters, and take one step forward to being hung if you guess wrong!  Loads of fun and we will run this one or more times when there’s time in the events schedule.

About Winfield

I am the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood. Our Statehood has four cities on the Chesapeake Shard: Dragons Watch, Nidaros, PaxLair City, and PaxOku. I'm an old mage and fisherman who's been around since the beginning of the Realm [1997].
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