Delucian Gypsy Caravan Attacked

Delucia, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – November 18, 2010 – by Ashlynn – A large number of volunteers gathered this evening to help escort a valuable caravan of goods from a gypsy camp at the southern tip of Britannia to the City of Delucia.

Responding to the call for aid, the hastily assembled militia led by Captain Gwen Irina (who I must note appears to have received a promotion) began the long trek to Delucia and the initial leg of the journey passed without incident. Events then took a more sinister turn as we discovered the tunnel to the City had collapsed and we were forced to take a longer route, running a gauntlet of attacks and skirmishes by daemons and other creatures along the way.

The caravan prepares to set off from the gypsy encampment.

The caravan was also forced to pass through a fortified savage camp, with the occupants taking particular offence at our intrusion and summoning the aid of enraged jungle denizens to punish us for our transgression.

As we spotted Delucia on the horizon, we were ambushed one final time but our large band was easily able to hold off the attackers. One defender by the name of Loge, even picked up a sword engraved with the initials “M.T.” for his troubles.

After arriving at the city, the Gypsies quickly set up their market stands and began to unload their wares. Who was behind the attacks and why they attacked the caravan is unknown. I can only speculate that the caravan must have been carrying large quantities of saltpeter, black powder or something of similar value to be worth attacking.

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