Sailing a Blood-red Sea (Weekly Sailing Expedition)

Sea Market, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – November 17, 2010 – by Ashlynn – After several previous forays upon the high seas over the past few weeks, today marked the beginning of what is hoped to be a weekly maritime voyage by the alliance. Expeditions that it is hoped will make us rich and ensure the seas are safer for all to travel upon!

To some of us aboard, those strange iron tubes meant something.

Our band arrived at Jhelom docks (which included would-be sailors from all across the alliance, as well as a few who knew how to actually operate a ship such as Captain Norwind) just after the hour of nine o’clock ready to board the Pride of Nidaros. The ship was a six-gun galley of orcish design owned by the town of Nidaros, but appeared to be sailing under the Aryslan flag. Captain Judge would be the mariner in charge of our crew and bringing a dread corsair to justice would be our mission.

We sailed to Sea Market to pick up our commission which we soon discovered was for the capture of a dread pirate by the name of Fat Patch Rachel. After ensuring the ship was suitably provisioned and everyone was aware of their role, we pulled up the anchor and set sail!

We dock at Sea Market to see which scourge of the high seas will become our prey!

Tracking our prey took a little time and along the way, we spotted the ruined silhouette of another vessel dead in the water on the horizon. We stopped briefly to investigate, but found only an empty hold and a lifeless deck and so onwards we sailed, only a short time passing before we caught up with our enemy. A fierce battle ensued with our ship sustaining heavy damage, but we eventually overcame Rachel and her crew and it was not long before her crew lay dead and she was in irons on our deck.

Our crew engages in fierce ship-to-ship fighting!

Back to Sea Market we went, stopping at a nearby desert island along the way to make some repairs. Turning in our bounty earned us each a share of gold doubloons, some schematics for an ugly orcish ship and some strange cannon shot marked with arcane runes of ice and fire.

We all get a little rest and a little to drink before our next voyage.

We were sat in the grubby little tavern at Sea Market, considering our next course of action when Lord Enterprise announced that he had just finished preperations to launch a new ship of his own, finally able to finish the vessel with some of the plans we had been rewarded with. So to the docks were headed to see for ourselves as the Bloody Bone was lowered gently into the waters to the cheers of the onlookers. Before leaving us stranded at the wooden atoll as Captain Enterprise sailed away without us!

Captain Enterprise's ship was quite swift when it came to leaving us.

Eventually though, it was decided that we would hunt down another pirate, this time in the much more treacherous waters of Felucca, and the Bloody Bone would be our sword against the red corsair menace! A menace this time that went by the name of the Bloody Tooth.

With some of our green crew now familiar with the operation of a ship, we were much more efficient this time in dealing with our prey, firing volley after volley of shot and cutting down those aboard with ease. The enemy ship was soon a floating devestated hulk, demasted and taking on water. Our own ship on the otherhand had taken only light damage and there were no injuries to report.

With our prisoner secure on deck, we sailed back to Sea Market for our reward, which was much the same as on our previous venture, but the schematics will surely prove useful. Our group celebrated briefly, but as the hour was late, we all decided to return to our cabins to rest for the night.

And so the evening was both productive and interesting and it is hoped it will be the first of many regular expeditions to come, some which will surely involve more than mere pirate hunting. It is intended that such events will take place every wednesday at 9pm by the eastern clock and all aspiring quartermasters are urged and welcome to join a crew for the night.

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