Realm Establishments: Aryslan Silent Auction

South Aryslan, Felucca, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – October 12, 2010 – by Ashlynn – Aryslan has recently opened a new establishment within their town called the Silent Auction, an auction house that operates in a much different way to the more traditional kind the people of the realm are mostly familiar with. 

The Auction House even has a bar downstairs!


The owner of the establishment is a citizen of South Aryslan named Pidge and he explained to me in detail exactly how the auction works: 

Those interested in selling something simply leave their item or lot in the mailbox along with a book detailing who the seller is, an ICQ number and the minimum or starting bid. The item is then placed upstairs on a counter in the selling hall infront of a bidder’s board. Bidders can place bids by posting their bid along with their own details. Items run for about a week, tuesday to sunday. Items must be in the box by tuesday, 7am EST and bidding ends at sunday, 7pm EST. 

The selling hall where items are displayed.


I was informed that the idea for the auction house was initially conceived by Tenchu of Aryslan and I think it definately brings something unique to the community. This method of auctioning items also ensures it does not directly compete with the larger auction houses which means it is only adding something to the shard instead of dividing it. 

The auction house can be found in Felucca, South Aryslan along the coast. To get there, take the Luna Town Hub to the ruins of Old Aryslan. A house-to-house teleporter can be found in the guard tower beside the ruins. As the auction house is in felucca, be sure anything valuable is insured or left at home.

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