The Whispering Well (Tower of Souls 10th Anniversary)

Tower of Souls, Felucca, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – September 12, 2010 – by Ashlynn – Aryslan held an event to mark the 10th anniversary of the Tower of Souls, the infamous den of evil located on the facet of Felucca. There were reports of some early skirmishes between a few lingering, yet powerful, unliving creatures which suggested a stirring in the necromantic magic surrounding the tower, something that was to make for an interesting evening indeed.

The night started with games at the Bow and Whip Casino hosted by Lady Jane Douleur and it was refreshing not to lose all my money this time, though I did fail to profit, only winning back what I lost. Even the Lieutenent of the Royal Guard joined us, though declined to place any bets herself and asked that things be kept legal. An amusing request in the scarred, lawless lands of Felucca.

Our group gathers before the Tower of Souls

After the games were done, Lord Jamlyn led our large group over to the Tower of Souls where we were given a tour of the evil structure floor by floor, being enlightened as to the history and function of the place.
Sadly not all rooms within the tower were accessible, some securely locked presumably by powerful binding magic or something similar. We were told that one of the rooms was some kind of cell where another individual named Darkon was once held. Another of the rooms apparently contained some kind of laboratory once used for all manner of terrible experiments or so we were told.

Eventually we headed to the top of the tower where we were heard of the Well of Souls itself, doing our best to ignore the unliving servitors girded with their powerful protective magics. And then it seemed, some amongst the group began to hear voices.

The well from where we first began to hear the voices

At first only a few could hear the whispers, voices that seemed to come from all around, moving at times, never staying in one place. We descended back down the dark, slick, steps of the tower and back outside where the voices grew louder, more of the group able to hear them. The voices even seemed to be loud enough to draw brigands near that attacked our group, no doubt hoping to take something valuable for themselves. And in the chaos of it all, it appeared a spirit had possessed one of the Aryslan townsfolk, who began striking out at others nearby. Undead even rose from the ground and attacked us but we were able to fight them off.

A host of undead rises to attack us

The voices drifted around the vale outside the tower for some time, asking to be released, mentioning something about a ritual (which is presumably related to the old text on an altar nearby), but to me, little of it made sense. It became apparent however that the voices were of many different spirits or souls, and not all of them evil.

Soon, these whispers drew us back into the tower and up to the roof. Some of the whispers seemed to embody the virtues, others chaos and evil. One of the towns folk demanded an example of their power and at this request, a host of the unliving rose from the ground outside, even appearing to take the brigands by surprise.

Due to the chaotic nature of the events, it is hard for me to fathom exactly what these spirits wanted and it appeared that not all of them wished for the same things. Some wished for release, others gave warnings against such a thing. Some said we had no understanding of their nature or the ritual. Of others I could make out only a faint echo, their words barely audible.

As the events unfolded, our friends, including DJ Sandman from the Whispering Rose were on the Shard of Chesapeake to broadcast events across the ether as they happened.

Eventually the voices faded and we all decided it best to take our leave. But the mysterious turn of events will certainly need more investigation in the weeks to come. Strange magics have stirred once again in the Tower of Souls and who knows what this may mean for the future of Aryslan and the rest of Britannia.

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