The Summer Fun Stop!

Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – September 10, 2010 – by Ashlynn – Yesterday evening, Whispering Rose Radio hosted their Summer Fun Stop on Chesepeake, a shard-wide event open to all which saw us visit many places throughout the shard, both old and new.

Our tour began at the Tower of Souls

Governor Winfield led our group on a tour for the first part of the event, stopping by first at the infamous Tower of Souls, before heading to PaxLair City and the nearby fortified Orc Encampment where we had an encounter with one of the malign creatures. From there we moved on to Dragons Watch (where we indulged in a little archery with the orc as our target), PaxOku and then Nidaros, where Lady Jane of Aryslan treated us to a quick casino game of Hi-Low.

This is the first time I have ever experienced "Orc Bowling"

After that, our group with plenty time left, decided to randomly explore various settlements throughout the realm and the unplanned nature of the second half made it particularly fun.
We began with Aryslan where we were shown the old city ruins, the beautiful city park and the Bow and Whip. We also explored Guardians Gate (and their fabulous bell tower, a favourite of mine), Templar Village and Kijustsu Anei Village before finally finishing at the PaxOku Tea House where DJ Sandman was lucky enough to win the door prize. (It was a broken stone or something like that!)

On the roof of the Bow and Whipping overlooking the new Aryslan Fighting Pit. Sadly this was the last picture I remembered to take!

As the whole event took place, DJ Sandman, Governor Winfield and Lady Phoenix spoke over the radio (or communication crystal if you will) at length about the places we visited. They were later joined by Lord Nanoc and were supposed to be joined by Mayor Zanku but unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented this from happening.

It is my understanding that the crew from Whispering Rose Radio do regular fun stops on various shards and anyone interested in helping host one need only get in touch. I for one look forward to the next visit to the shard of Chesapeake they make!

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