PaxLair 18th Anniversary Event Schedule

PaxLair Times, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – January 15, 2016 – by Ashlynn – The 18th anniversary of PaxLair is underway and to celebrate the occasion we have five days of events! You can find the schedule below. Many thanks to Nanoc for drawing up the schedule. All times are Eastern Standard  Time (EST).

Friday 15th January

  • 7:45pm – Governor Winfield’s Opening Speech.
  • 8pm – Vesper Auction hosted by Governor Ivy and Victor (NCC)

Saturday 16th January

  • 12pm – Archery Tournament held at Luna Fairgrounds. Hosted By Sean Silverfoot (ATD)
  • 3pm – Chutes and Ladders at Dragons Watch Tavern. Hosted by Phoenix (DWxC)
  • 9pm – Hunt (Travesty, Lady Mel?). Hosted by Pameleigha (CAT)

Sunday 17th Janurary

  • 8pm – Pie Eating Contest hosted by Da Mob of Pitmuck.
  • 9pm – Chutes and Ladders. Hosted by Phoenix (DWxC)

Monday 18th January

  • 9pm – Battle Mages. Hosted by Phoenix (DWxC)
  • 10pm – Lets Make a Deal. Hosted by Phoenix (DWxC)

Tuesday 19th January (Anniversary Day)

  • 8-10pm – Anniversary Black Tie Dinner & Closing Ceremonies hosted by Dark Rayne at the PaxLair Castle. Dinner is being catered for by Icky Rotblossom. Lady Red Snapper has formal attire available for anyone in need.

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