Zephram Experiment Ends in Disaster

Traxel the Alchemist and the Blue Spell

Britain,¬†Chesapeake¬†(PaxLair Times) – May 19, 1998 – by unknown — Greetings, I bring news of an unfortunate mishap that occured only a few moments ago in our great land. On the shard known as Chesapeake a scientist known as Zephram tested his prototype for a ressurection potion. The result was unexpected as Ridley the ghost was transfromed to a skeleton. Ridley was very upset with Zephram’s faliure and swore vengence as he ran out of Chambers of Virtue in Britain. As either a side effect of his potion or as an act of revenge by Ridley Zephram took ill almost immediatly, turning green and appearing very fatigued. Here is a full log of the occurance:

Zephram the Scientist: Some of thee have been following mine work and others have not. For many months I have worked to create a potion that will resurrect the dead. Mine primary focus is to restore life, but also to understand the nature of life and death. I have sent many a brave adventurer to gather materials for these experiments and many have succeeded in bringing me what I have needed as such.Well, it has taken a long time, but I have finally created the potion.I’m not sure how possible it is to make them for practical use,but that sort of detail is what will need further research should this prototype succeed in the test I am about to perform.

Ridley is an experienced and well respected mage who has recently died.

Ridley: oOooooOO!
Ridley: oOo!
Zephram the Scientist: I will now apply the potion
Morgoth: OH no!
Ridley: Wha…
Ridley: Aaaa!
Zephram the Scientist: Oh my
Ridley: A skeleton!!
Morgoth: ‘Tis only partial complete!
Ridley: You turned me into a..
Ridley: Skel…
Zephram the Scientist: Oh dear, this is not good.
Ridley: Aa
Ridley: you fool
Ridley: You idiot
Zephram the Scientist: I.. I..
Ridley: *rattles and shakes*
Ridley: How
Zephram the Scientist: I am so sorry Ridley!
Ridley: How
Ridley: could you do
Morgoth: Zephram, thou lookst ill
Ridley: I can never be brought back to life now
Ridley: Arrgh!!
Morgoth: Zephram, art thou alright?
Ridley: You complete and utter fool!
Ridley: You shall pay for this Zephram!
Ridley: PAy
Ridley: dearly!
Morgoth: Yes, thou lookst ill Zephram
Zephram the Scientist: Oh dear, Methinks I have been afflicted by a side effect
Morgoth: Well Zephram…
Morgoth: What shall we do to aid thee?
Zephram the Scientist: Well, for now I’m not sure what can be done. I fear that Ridley meant what he said about seeking revenge. And Ridley is not mine only concern, I must know if my skin color is the only side effect I have suffered. And then I must find a cure.
Zephram the Scientist: *sigh*
Zephram the Scientist: Perhaps thou wert correct, perhaps this was a foolish endeavor. A man has been rendered permanently dead because of my failure. And he blames me for it! Perhaps Ridley can be convinced, in time, to allow me to help him. Aye, I shall seek to find cures!
Morgoth: Zephram, thou hast a long night’s work ahead of thee.
Zephram the Scientist: A long night’s work? It will take far longer than a night, milord.
Morgoth: Aye, but for now thou shouldst sleep…
Zephram the Scientist: I thank thee milord.
Zephram the Scientist: Keep thine eyes open for Ridley in the coming days. That is the trouble with angry beings who seek revenge, they tend to come at thee when thou doth least expect.
Johan: You say he was a powerful mage?
Zephram the Scientist: Aye, he was. What effect being a skeleton will have on his magery I know not. All I can ask of thee at this time is to keep a watchful eye. I shall ask for thy aid again if I need something specific. And I hope Ridley’s anger can be quenched without bloodshed, I thank thee everyone! I will speak to all of thee again soon. But for now I must return to mine work, so that I may begin to seek a cure for me and for Ridley. Fare thee well everyone!
Zephram the Scientist: oh I feel fatigued perhaps a stay in the inn is in order

AND with that he proceded to the Wayferers Inn and rested. T’was almost a glorious day for all but proof that life and death should be left to the gods.

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I am the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood. Our Statehood has four cities on the Chesapeake Shard: Dragons Watch, Nidaros, PaxLair City, and PaxOku. I'm an old mage and fisherman who's been around since the beginning of the Realm [1997].
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