A Momentary Monarch

Castle Blackthorn, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – August 20, 2015 – by Ashlynn – The goblin leader of the pungent island of Pitmuck called a council meeting at Castle Blackthorn yesterday evening. Knowing the chaotic nature of the creatures I decided to attend as their schemes often lead to an interesting story and I certainly was not wrong on this occasion!

To my surprise several governors attended the meeting lending it an air of legitimacy. Discussion quickly turned to the mysterious absence of the current King at which point Ozog declared himself King of Britannia after what amounted to a bloodless coup.

20150820_assassinBut no sooner had the would-be king began making his “coronation speech” than a cloaked figure leapt from the shadows, cutting the little goblin down with a blade before making a swift exit from the throne room. The events occurred so quickly that none had time to react, even the guards who remained statuesque in their shock.

Though I witnessed this act of regicide I was unable to identify the attacker, face shadowed as it was by a dark hood but others amongst the crowd claimed it was none other than infamous pirate Holly Bloodhand. This I find surprising – Holly strikes me as one more likely to hire an assassin than do the deed personally but many were convinced she was the culprit.

With Ozog’s still bleeding corpse lying on the marble floor talk soon turned to the fate of Pitmuck Island at which point I suggested the Royal Guard be informed as soon as possible.

And thus ended the shortest reign in the history of the Kingdom of Britannia. Ozog I, King of Britannia will forever be recorded as the “momentary monarch”.

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