Dubious Literature Competition Hosted by Pirate Captain Holly Bloodhand

Nujelm, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – July 9, 2015 – by Ivy Covedweller – I went to the auction house today to find this notice pinned to the door:

20150609ivycontestI’m fairly certain I saw Caleb the thief scuttling away, but he hid before I could catch him.

It appears that Holly Bloodhand was inspired by the “fanfic” discovered in the Jewel of the Isle vault, and is now soliciting her own fan fiction–as tales of her “glorious adventures and victories” must surely be fictional. Classy…

For any scoundrels wishing to participate in this farce competition, it appears that the event will be as follows:

What: Literature contest with the topic of “Holly Bloodhand’s glorious adventures and victories at sea”. Prose and poetry both accepted.

When: Saturday, July 18th at 8PM ET.

Where: The Nujel’m Theater, Trammel, Chesapeake


  • First Place- 10M gold
  • Second Place- 5M gold
  • Third Place- 1M gold

Apparently if the winner is particularly outstanding, Holly will be awarding a special prize from her personal collection. I’m not sure what this is but the scuttlebutt at the docks is that it is quite desirable!

I have also heard a rumor that Holly has asked for Lady Ashlynn of Cove to serve as an “impartial” co-judge. This should be interesting…


OOC Notes: Seriously, there is a great prize up for grabs here! Do your best!

Entries should be written in sealed (red-leafed) books and brought to the Nujel’m Theater, then recited/presented at the event. Bring a few copies so others can read! You may also leave entries in the downstairs mailbox in the Vesper Auction House, but you will still need to present your story/poem to win.

Your story or poem should fit in a single NPC book–please make sure your book is readable in both clients. Just remember that you will be reading it live!

It doesn’t HAVE to be about Holly, but it should definitely be sea/pirate related, and as this is an in-character event, and your judges are Holly and Ashlynn… well…

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