A Goblin Proposal for the Council

Castle Blackthorn, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – March 24, 2015 – by Ashlynn – Yesterday evening all the governors of the realm were asked to convene a meeting in the Royal Chamber of Castle Blackthorn at the behest of Ozog of all people (or things). Previous experience of such events left all those attending expecting the typical goblin circus but this was not be as Ozog had a grand proposal in mind!

20150324placeholdermeetingOnly half of the city governors could make the meeting and I of course sat in to represent the neglected town of Cove, but once seated the goblin began.

Some days ago Governor Ivy of Vesper hosted an event to raise funds for the Vesper Museum so that they may once again put artifacts on display. It would appear that the artifacts were sold off during a previous term – presumably to pay for privateer ventures elsewhere. But such were the museum’s debts that the fund-raising endeavour had little impact.

But Vesper is not alone in selling off their cultural identity. Similar issues plague the famous Zoo in Moonglow with almost all the animals sold off – perhaps some even to Trinsic. Only the library in Britain seems to have survived the worst of such asset stripping.

Ozog proposed that each week we work to raise funds which would be donated to the Zoo, the Museum, and the Library – a noble gesture, but one that immediately caused the council chamber to erupt into argument.

“What do my citizens get out of this?” exclaimed Governor Victor of Minoc. Others had similar objections including Governor Tehan of Yew and even myself on behalf of Cove. Others believed the establishments Ozog sought to help to be a lost cause and that few outside of the chamber had any interest in supporting them.

Of course it was at this point that the Governor of Yew insulted all of Cove by proclaiming it a black hole and a waste of all gold and resources. It is quite clear to me that some on the council think little of a town that has stood alone against the orcs for many years. Given the proximity of an orc fort to his own city, one would think he would be a little more understanding.

After some discussion Ozog called the meeting to a close asking for any final decisions on the idea to be made this evening at the alliance meeting. I cannot imagine opinions will have changed much since last night.

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