Chesapeake Governor’s Council Meeting January 18th, 2015

Castle Blackthorn, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – January 18, 2015 – by Dreadlord Lestat – The Chesapeake Governor’s Council Meeting started out like any other, the King discussed ongoing issues in the Kingdom, the governor’s discussed events in their cities, onlookers looked on with keen interest or slept noisily. When all of a sudden, out of thin air, black specters appeared. They were quickly dispatched by the governors and onlookers. While the King and governors discussed the incident, trying to figure out how they got through the magic enchantment defenses, an unknown figure appeared. The King recognized the voice and was distraught on the implications.

20150119_councilnystul1The unknown stranger moved dangerously close to the King!! The governors quickly surrounded him in a defensive posture, hoping to protect him from danger.

20150119_councilnystul2The King soon discovered that he was correct on who the voice sounded like…Nystul!!

20150119_councilnystul3Nystul’s image faded in and out as he spoke, at one point he assumed the form of a former man named David. King Blackthorn tried desperately to keep Nystul from fading, even working some magic of his own.

20150119_councilnystul4As quickly as he appeared and in the same manner, he disappeared in a huge flash of flames and  a loud explosion!

20150119_councilnystul5The King and governors are left with many questions as they try and ponder what happened and the message Nystul was trying to convey. Hopefully we will learn more at next month’s Chesapeake Governor’s Council Meeting.

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