Realm News: Volume 5, Issue 5

realmnewsbannerv5-5PaxLair Times, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – August 22, 2014 – by Ashlynn


Events at the Royal Council meeting took an unexpected turn this week when when one of the first acts by King Blackthorn was to remove Holly Bloodhand as Governor of Vesper and declare her an outlaw.

The wretched pirate had been involved in attempts to seize power in both Cove and Minoc, duping several innocent parties into aiding in such ambitions. It is also well known that she had disbanded the original Vesper Guard and replaced them all with her former corsair associates.

Furthermore Holly had been implicated in the dissapearance of Willow, daughter of the previous governor. Evidence in the matter had been mounting and was formally presented to the King following his proclamation. It was at this point Holly decided to make a quick escape, eluding the guards present with an impressive dodge and fleeing into the city.

Holly is now a wanted criminal and is to be hunted down by the Royal Guard. She is extremely dangerous and citizens of the realm should not approach her without aid.


20140822holly1It was but a few days earlier that the pirate made an attempt to seize power in the City of Minoc. The Governor of Minoc was absent – apparently as part of a long holiday in the restort of Fortune’s Fire – and the town was full of unemployed sailors who had previously been working for Captain Coronius.

Holly’s wicked scheme was simple – dupe volunteers in to helping her rid Minoc of “pirates”. Instead Holly killed the remaining leaders of the corsair band and took control in an attempt to use them to occupy Minoc.

Still this endeavour was an element in her undoing as some took it upon themselves to investigate ships and properties belonging to the pirate while she was distracted – investigations that turned up damning evidence.


Self-proclaimed Mayor of Cove Caleb has also been declared an outlaw by the King and is to be arrested or killed on sight. It is well known that the port of Cove is governed by a small town council and has never had any kind of mayor proper. Such a position was simply manufactured by the pirate governor in an attempt to seize more power in Northern Britannia.

Unlike Holly, Caleb is a cowardly individual but skilled in subterfuge. It is believed he has suffered some injuries to both forearms – injuries which may have left scars.


King Blackthorn quick to recognise that a power vacuum in the City of Vesper could only lead to more instability declared that Lady Ivy is to be reinstated as governor of the city until the next election.

Though it is known that Lady Ivy has links of her own to the underworld of Britannia, it is also a fact that under her leadership the city had seen some civic improvements and – more importantly – was a stable place free of the sort of chaos of the past few months.

We can only hope a sense of normalcy returns to the city and Governor Ivy is able to continue as before. However with Willow still missing and Holly believed to be involved, one might question whether or not this is leverage the outlaw has against the new city leadership.


20140813berriesIcky Rotblossom of Pitmuck recently announced a contest to gather as many tribal berries as possible and bring them to the Goblin Emporium on the island. The contest has been running all week and it was also announced there would be grand prizes for the three individuals who gathered the most.

Today is the last opportunity would-be contestants have to turn in their fruity blue bounty and a ceremony will be held in Pitmuck tomorrow to announce the winners.


Several locals from the neighbouring realm of Tokuno claim to have seen a tall tower shrouded in black mist on the edge of the central mountain’s lava dome. Witnesses say that the tower is ruinous in appearance appears to be supported by several colossal iron chains. These witnesses also report several hostile undead nearby.

However merchants from Tokuno I have spoken to dismiss such claims and state stories of the tower are an old local folktale that has simply captured the imagination of foreign visitors. True or not I suspect errant adventurers will discover soon enough.


The Pitmuck Boat Race – Next month on the 7th of september at 8pm EST the rancid town of Pitmuck will be holding a boat race around the island. It is rumoured that the boats used in this race were previously in use collecting night soil from the City of Britain.

Vesper Auction – Postponed last week, the auction will take place tonight at 9pm EST before resuming the regular schedule. This means that there will be two auction weeks in a row.

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