Realm News – Volume 5, Issue 4

realmnewsbannerv5-4PaxLair Press, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – July 21, 2014 – by Ashlynn – The search for the missing daughter of the former Governor of Vesper continues this month and while a certain individual is implicated in the disappearance, more shocking revelations concern that individual’s attempts to annex the town of Cove!


Holly Bloodhand, infamous corsair and now elected Governor of Vesper has dispatched several bands of Vesper “guardsman” to Cove in an attempt to take control from the ruling Cove council. Under the pretense of protecting the town from orcish raiders, and along with the aid of a corrupt Covian citizen by the name of Caleb – who claims he is the town’s mayor – Bloodhand’s guardsman now have a significant presence inside the walls.

The guardsman themselves can barely be called that as most of them are little more than hired thugs from Vesper – the majority of the official town militia being disbanded following Bloodhand’s election Victory. A protest has already been lodged with the King at the most recent council meeting where the power of the Vesperians was partially curtailed by royal decree.

I can only say this is an outrageous turn of events and its effects are already being felt within the town. Many citizens have already complained about the thuggish behaviour of the so called guardsman and I fear this may lead to blood in the very near future.


20140721searchforwillowIn related news Holly Bloodhand has been implicated in the disappearance of one Willow Covedweller. Following events some nights ago it is almost certain she was responsible as clues to her whereabouts led us from the docks of Vesper to a recently constructed fortification near the town of Cove owned by the villainous pirate.

I accompanied the group led by Ivy of Vesper who were investigating the matter. I must admit I had some doubts as to whether this truly was a missing persons case – the former governor having the sordid reputation she does. But of this I am now certain it is as we were eventually attacked by Holly herself who summoned a great sea daemon once the clues led us to the nearby orc fort.

Several lockbox keys and other items were recovered from the orcs position and unsurprisingly many of these fitted containers held inside Governor Holly’s small fortification. Sadly any other clues to Willow’s current whereabouts were nowhere to be found.

It is my assertion  that not only is Governor Holly responsible for the kidnapping but that she is also recruiting orcs as well as pirates to her cause. I believe it is time for the King to get involved though I fear he may require more evidence first. Regardless I would suggest that any citizen with a shred of virtue flowing through their veins avoid the City of Vesper for the time being.


20140703derbystartline4Late. Sadly due to a few missing pieces of movable type and the delay of the wooden engravings this article is a little late coming. But as a participant in the race I can say it was a great success!

Several racers participated on a variety of sickly looking nags seeking to win the grand prize but as always only one person could take first place! The rules were simple – race around Pitmuck Island’s coast and collect a “token” from each marker point along the way. The first one to finish was the winner! The rules did not explicitly forbid the use of a bola but I felt it best not to find out.

The race results were as follows (with jockey and horse listed):

  • Victor – Untapable   1st
  • Lauren – Brownie   2nd
  • Brian DeSpell – Shadowclone  3rd

And the other racers were:

  • Niva – Ridgeback
  • Ivy – Vesper’s Spirit
  • Nanoc – Phlying Phoenix
  • Murdoc – Ricky Bobby
  • Engel – Little
  • Ashlynn – Nashandra

Congratulations to the winner and runners up!


Volunteers of the Royal Guard brought down an enormous beast earlier this month that ran amok in the Frontier Town of Delucia.

Rumours came from the isolated and somewhat backwards village of Papua that a huge creature had been spotted in the wilds devouring everything it could find. A troop of guardsman dispatched to investigated had all vanished except for one and the Royal Guard were requested to investigated.

Following a trail of devastation left by the creature the Royal Guard eventually caught up to the beast as it attacked the walls of Delucia – smashing aside the gates and a hastily erected barricade and killing a number of people. With much effort the creature was brought down but at great cost.

I could speculate that someone or something sinister is behind the attack but the truth is that all manner of beasts dwell within the lost lands and such an event should not come as a shock to those living there.


Strange rumours of a transport vessel laden with baked produce are said to have been shipped to the orcish fort near the town of Cove. Some have said that that the crew were unaware of the vessel’s true destination and were shocked to find they had made port at the fortress, while other individuals claim they were simply honouring a contract made with the filthy creatures.

Beware a new publication out of Cove believed to be the work of one “Mayor” Caleb. This would-be mayor who once sought position on the town council and who has now divided the townsfolk prints only lies and falsehoods.

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