Realm News – Volume 5, Issue 3

realmnewsbannerv5-3The PaxLair Press, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – June 20, 2014 – by Ashlynn – It has been quite some time since the last edition of the Realm News and one might wonder why that is. Is the realm seeing an unprecedented era of serenity and peace where all sinister creatures have been banished and crime no longer plagues the citizenry?

Unfortunately this is not the case – I have just been rather busy and my skeleton-like automatons are not yet fully trained in the art of writing news articles.

Still, besides the sinister machines of a man named Zool, the spring election results dominate this edition. Even if there has been little change in who sits in power or what their policies are – but that is always the way in politics.


With many of the same candidates standing and some of those being uncontested there have been no radical changes in city leadership. Marcelus saw off a challenge by Murdock Redbone in the City of Skara Brae, Lady Phoenix easily brushed aside an attempt by a goblin to garner votes in Trinsic, and Gareth easily maintained his grip on New Magincia.

The biggest contest was a three way battle in the City of Vesper where Lady Ivy proved the lesser of two criminal masterminds and Se’an Silverfoot was also unable to make any progress in the corsair’s city. Infamous pirate Holly Bloodhand therefore retained power in the town.

Cove still remains voiceless at the King’s table but the people of the town have once again made their faith in my efforts known.

  • Britain (City of Two Castles): Dark Writter
  • Cove (Town of the Forsaken): Ashlynn (PxR)
  • Jhelom (City of Fencing Practice): Scabby
  • Minoc (City of Unfinished Statues): Victor II (NCC)
  • Moonglow (City of Menageries): Lauren (DWxC)
  • New Magincia (City of Pride): Gareth (EVI)
  • Skara Brae (City of Ankhs): Marcelus
  • Trinsic (City of Curious Meat): Phoenix (DWxC)
  • Vesper (City of Footpads, Corsairs, and Swindlers):  Holly Bloodhand
  • Yew (City of Justice): Tehan (DWxC)


20140620goblincontestYesterday evening I, along with Lord Nanoc and Governor Winfield, was asked by the goblins of Pitmuck to aid them in the running of a contest of knowledge. Being unlearned folk themselves, we were tasked with devising suitably challenging questions for the contestants.

The game took place on the giant marble chessboard near the Sultan’s palace. Contestants had to cross the board advancing two squares for a correct answer, and retreating one square for a wrong answer.

The game was rather chaotic but good fun nonetheless. At times it was a little hard to make sense of what was going on but a winner did eventually make it through the mayhem. The final results were:

  • First Place: Lady Phoenix
  • Second Place: Murdock Redbone
  • Third Place: Ivy Covedweller

There were prizes though I am not sure what they were. The winners seemed happy with their reward so I presume they were quite good!


Following the most recent council meeting, former governor of vesper Ivy petitioned to the King to help uncover clues that might l lead to the whereabouts of her missing daughter, Willow.

Willow vanished some time ago and a note was left pinned to the auction house door with a cutlass leading some to suspect pirate involvement. Lady Ivy also believed it might be politically motivated but her release has not come even with the end of the elections and Holly Bloodhand’s victory.

King Blackthorn used his magics to examine a bloody book connected with the disappearance and discovered traces of powerful translocation magicks that had been used at least once. He also determined that the blood on the book was from several people, not just one, but he could say little else.

Ivy has already begun her own investigation into the matter. I believe she she would appreciate any insight into Willow’s disappearance and anyone with any information or who wishes to help should contact her directly.


Commander Gwen Irina led a force of volunteer guard first to the City of Mistas and then to the former fortress of Exodus which was uncovered as being the source of Zool’s strange machines.

Relying on intelligence from a talkative mercenary by the name of Callum who was easily captured in Mistas, the Commander soon learned that Zool was using the old workshops in the dungeon to manufacture his mining golems. An attack was quickly ordered and all examples of the infernal machines found there were soon destroyed.

Another of Zool’s mercenaries was also captured in the process and is currently being interrogated. Commander Gwen intends to act on anything she learns from the man and should he prove to be the conversationalist that Callum was, I suspect the Royal Guard will be on the move again soon.


Pitmuck Emporium is still open. It hasn’t gone out of business yet and attempts to burn it down have been thwarted by the solid sandstone construction. So I suppose you can still buy things from there!

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I play with movable type on behalf of the PaxLair Times. I sometimes move the little wooden letters around to create something resembling an article. And I come and go like the wind.
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