Late Spring Governor Voting Begins

Britannia, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – June 10, 2014 – by Ashlynn – It’s election season once again in the Kingdom of New Britannia! Once again citizens are afforded the opportunity to go to the polls and decide who will be their city representative on the Royal Council. And once again Cove has been denied a voice on that very council!

But there is a change this time – the length of a term has been increased from three months to six and that means if you elect a corsair or goblin to govern your city, you’ll have to live with such a foolish choice for  twice as long!

Some familiar names take their place on the ballot paper along with a few new ones. Vesper, famed den of iniquity is particularly hotly contested this time around. I presume there must be a large cache of “merchandise” hidden away in a government warehouse somewhere.

The candidates this season are as follows:

  • Britain (City of Two Castles): Dark Writter (Incumbent, Uncontested)
  • Cove (Town of the Forsaken): Ashlynn (PxR) – Unrecognised by Crown
  • Jhelom (City of Fencing Practice): Scabby, Sherry Shar
  • Minoc (City of Unfinished Statues): Victor II (NCC, Incumbent, Uncontested)
  • Moonglow (City of Menageries): Lauren (Incumbent, Uncontested)
  • New Magincia (City of Pride): Gareth (EVI, Incumbent), Squirit
  • Skara Brae (City of Ankhs): Marcelus (Incumbent), Murdock Redbone (DWxC)
  • Trinsic (City of Curious Meat): Phoenix (DWxC, Incumbent), Tooshy Bigbottom
  • Vesper (City of Footpads, Corsairs, and Swindlers): Ivy (NCC), Holly Bloodhand (Incumbent), Se’an Silverfoot
  • Yew (City of Justice): Tehan (DWxC, Incumbent, Uncontested)

Many thanks to Lady Ivy for the list of candidates. May her efforts to rig the election not go unrewarded!

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