PaxLair Town in New Britannia Off to a Great Start (R6)

PaxLair Town, Valemark, New Britannia (PaxLair Times) – May 22, 2014 – Winfield – The first day of PaxLair in Release 6 was a great success.  People started arriving in Valemark as soon as they could (when R6 opened at 11:30 ET U.S.).  Word apparently spread fast across the realm as Lord British arrived within 30 minutes himself!

Lord British toured the upper meadow of Valemark where some of the old veterans of PaxLair were building their homes.  While he was there, others ventured to the middle meadow which is now being called the Nobles Meadow because of the large, ornate buildings and towers.  Still more people came and looked for unoccupied house lots finding them in the forest circle near the Nobles meadow and the lower meadow.  The lots went quickly and by nightfall (end of the day), the entire Valemark area was filled.  Some people even gave up city lots in Owl’s Head to build a home in PaxLair.

Residents of PaxLair and visitors gather in the Nobles Meadow (in R6).

Residents of PaxLair and visitors gather in the Nobles Meadow (in R6).

Governor Winfield, the leader of PaxLair, held a town meeting at 8 PM ET in the upper meadow.  Many people arrived and this is what he said.

Hail everyone! I am Winfield, the Governor of PaxLair. Welcome to the Town of PaxLair in New Britannia!! We and many new friends have discovered a new home here in Valemark.

PaxLair has been a town for over 16 years in Old Britannia and is still going strong there. Here, we want to build a PaxLair with some of our veterans and new friends too! PaxLair is not a guild — it is a town of many guilds, people, and establishments. Anyone can be a citizen, ally, friend, or even an enemy.

This weekend, we plan to do a lot here, as much as we can. Decorating our houses is a good thing since we may ((video)) the area. We also plan to map the area and document who has houses here.

There are three meadows. We are in the upper meadow. Next meadow is the middle meadow, that is also called the Nobles Meadow. And the meadow near the entrance is the lower meadow. These names may change this weekend as we get to know each other.

We have a pub called the Town Drunk Tavern with the Sunset Rock behind it. Many of you have great buildings that can become famous. Our focus is on community building and having a place many people can call home. It is also a place to meet new people and hang out. In the future, PaxLair will need defenses, troops, merchants, ambassadors, mailboxes, justice, street repairs, and all things that make a town a town.

Have fun this weekend and get to know each other. We will be here every day through Sunday. We may hold some adventures or events, like storytelling and such. So listen to Avatars Radio and watch the SotA forums and SotA Wiki.

Welcome to PaxLair once again!

Events are spontaneous throughout the weekend.  There may be dungeon runs, crafting festivals, story telling, pub crawling, and town tours.  People are encouraged to “friend” each other to stay in touch and listen to Avatars Radio for any spot announcements.  There is also a message thread on the SotA Forums about Building PaxLair Town in R6 where everyone is welcome to make comments, ask questions, post images and thoughts.  And of course SotA Wiki always has good information about New Britannia and current events.

((A big part of this “test” is to see how well we can communicate with each other inside the game and what features are needed to help make a Player Town immersive and fun.  We plan to come up with a list of things for improvement that can help support Player Towns in the future.  Everyone can help.))

About Winfield

I am the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood. Our Statehood has four cities on the Chesapeake Shard: Dragons Watch, Nidaros, PaxLair City, and PaxOku. I'm an old mage and fisherman who's been around since the beginning of the Realm [1997].
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