Easter News Roundup

20140422eggbannerChesapeake (PaxLair Times) – April 22, 2014 – by Ashlynn – Easter is a time devoted to all kinds of spiritual things but the egg reigns supreme in the minds of citizens both within the kingdom and without. Eggs that they say are laid by rabbits. Rabbit anatomy is not my strong point – and perhaps I need to take a scalpel to one in the near future – but the thought of a rabbit actually laying an egg is incredibly strange.

I wonder what sort of omelettes they make.


The goblins of Pitmuck are fond of their easter egg hunts and being creatures that lack self control, found the need to express this need over the weekend. The result was an evening spent wandering the island of Pitmuck in a search for brightly painted eggs with prizes for those who collected the most.

Pungent nature of the hosts aside the event was an enjoyable one and the results of the competition were as follows:

  • Victor Speranza: 21 eggs
  • Morpheus Mardox: 20 eggs
  • Siouxsie Sioux: 17 eggs
  • Niva: 13 eggs
  • Ivy: 13 eggs
  • Falbala: 9 eggs
  • Ashlynn: 4 eggs
  • Nanoc: 3 eggs (and one duck)

It seems such a large group of people ultimately attracts the harbinger of eggs as we were attacked by a black winged angel following the contest. Several people suffered serious burns from the being’s acid-like blood. I’d say a good time was had by all but those wounds looked pretty hideous!


20140422easterbunnyhunt3Our friends from Tranquility are a creative bunch and were also keen to celebrate easter across both facets. The resulting event was therefore divided into two parts – the first a little strange.

Apparently they had captured what they called a “giant easter bunny” and intended to let it loose outside the walls of Cove. I am however not sure if this creature really was an easter bunny or actually some poor soul in a bunny suit with their tongue cut out. Whatever the nature of the bunny it was let loose and several people present mercilessly hunted it down.

The end result was quick and bloody.

Following this bloodsport events moved to a farm just outside of Moonglow where each participant was handed a white bag containing a raffle ticket and several green thorns.

I am familiar with the thorns – they are enchanted in nature and have the power to summon things from the earth itself. When placed in tilled fields these thorns attract rabbits with bright blue fur, though the rabbits are swift and have sharp claws.

A large number of people spent quite some time summoning and butchering these rabbits before the prize draw was finally held. The prizes were quite impressive though sadly the names of the winners escapes me at this time.

In Other News…

The Aryslan Casino continues to open on Monday evenings at 9pm by the eastern clock so all those people eager to lose every penny they have should endeavour to go along and place their bets.

Investigations by the Royal Guard in to recent events continue apace. Expect a more comprehensive article in the near future.

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