Realm News – Volume 5, Issue 2

realmnewsbannerv5-2The PaxLair Press, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – March 24, 2014 – by Ashlynn – Orcs and pirates might dominate this issue’s more shocking articles but it isn’t all blood and battle. Over a dozen people from all across Britannia were recognized for their bravery and work in making the Kingdom a better place for us all.


20140324rbgyew3Last month a large force of orcs attacked the City of Yew interrupting an alliance meeting in the process (for shame!). The orcs were eventually beaten back though the scale of the attacking horde was surprising and included massed ranks of orcish archers.

Yesterday evening the Royal Guard and it’s volunteers received an urgent request from Governor Tehan of Yew asking for help dealing with the orcs once again. It seemed they had seized the guard towers and houses along the main road near the city and showed no signs of leaving.

The Royal Guard were quick to respond and soon forced the orcs out, pursuing them as far as the eastern Yew Bridge. There in the water several ships – captained by humans – were discovered that the orcs had used to move their troops. It is also alleged that infamous pirate-turned-governor Holly Bloodhand was amongst those present.

Following information recovered from one of the captured crew the Royal Guard headed to the mines in the south west but progress was halted after the orcs brought down the cave roof in a huge explosion.

With the orc force defeated Governor Tehan thanked the Royal Guard for their help, informing everyone that the reinforcements had arrived to re-garrison the waystations – reinforcements supplied by the King.

While I am happy to hear the orcs were defeated I feel compelled to comment that while Cove has endured years of siege with little support the people of the cities want for nothing. And there is still no sign of the defensive improvements promised months ago.


Four men armed with crossbows and blades raided the Trinsic branch of the Royal Bank of Britannia over the weekend, making off with several bags of gold bars and jewelery.

Witnesses claim the thieves first attempted to sneak into the bank, subduing one of the guards in the process before the alarm was raised. They then held everyone in the bank hostage, broke into several lockboxes, and fought off a small troop of watchman before escaping on horseback.

The Captain of the Trinsic Watch has vowed to catch the criminals – who were described as well dressed men wearing masks of mainly orc and savage design.


Some might question whether the goblins have signed one with a specific individual or if they mean the city itself. Given the creatures involved it is a fair question.

But I am informed that Pitmuck and the City of Yew have signed some form of defensive pact – that if one of the settlements is attacked the other will come to their defence. Governor Tehan had this to say on the matter:

The city of Yew is pleased to sign this treaty of mutual assistance with Pitmuck.

We share the same friends and the same enemies. Shall Pitmuck request our assistance, we will answer the call.

To seal this agreement with concrete actions, I propose to establish a permanent transportation link between Yew and Pitmuck, so to facilitate exchanges between the two cities.


20140324lighthouseConstruction of the lighthouse requested by the previous Governor of Vesper was finally completed about a week ago just in time for her successor to benefit from it’s building.

Governor Holly will no doubt be thrilled at having a modern shining beacon to guide her allied corsairs into port with no risk of running afoul on the rocky coast. The lighthouse had long been a request of former Governor Ivy and it is certainly an impressive sight.

I fear however that any turmoil to erupt from appointment of the new governor might result in the building being torn down by the Royal Guard – not out of spite of course but as a military strategy in and attempt to hamper increased pirate activity in and around Vesper.


The so-called gods themselves were on hand to reward all those who thwarted the plot of wicked Necromancer Jane earlier this year. Those who pursued the murderer and her foul creations acquired a “virulent rose” for their troubles which could be handed in for a Royal credit.

Last night several people were formerly recognized as “Eradicator of the Virulent Witch” – their name displayed in gold for all to see.

Lady Engel, and her sister, Lady Ariel of Dragon’s Watch were also recognized for their tireless service to the realm. Lady Engel was awarded the title “Relic Hunter” for her efforts in cataloging ruins and other esoterica scattered across the Kingdom, while her sister was awarded the title “Daughter of the Sea” for her work at the Sons of the Sea.

Well done to all those who have been recognized for their hard work!


Royal Engineers and miners from the town of Minoc will begin using explosive powders on the coastal earthworks this coming wednesday. Governor Victor’s grand project for the city is the construction of a port so that iron ore and wrought iron can be more easily exported across the realm. Such endeavours have long been thwarted by huge quantities of spent slag dumped along the coast over many years and this needs removing before construction can begin proper.

All citizens are advised to keep away from area or work. Alchemical explosives have long been an imprecise art and the overly curious risk death or dismemberment if they draw too close.

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