The Scourge of Minoc

Minoc, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – February 22, 2014 – by Ashlynn – A certain pirate by the name of Holly Bloodhand and her crew attacked Minoc on friday during one of the city’s regular crafting festivals. Spectators and participants were forced to abandon the festival and instead fend off Holly’s bloodthirsty corsairs.

20140222minoc2The Governor of Minoc had called for volunteers – in particular alchemists – to aid with an engineering problem in the City which has been preventing the construction of a dock. Volunteers were assembled and the Governor was mid-speech when the attack began.

The pirates were fought off but not before they were able to seize several crates of goods,. Unfortunately for Captain Holly she also dropped a journal of sorts containing clues to her combination-locked chest and it’s whereabouts.

It was my associate Lazulli who informed me of this turn of events and feeling that her skills as an alchemist were no longer relevant, she asked me to look further in to the matter.

And so I decided to pursue the clues the pirate had left behind. The chest turned out to be the same locked monstrosity in the coastal building we stumbled upon several days previous. Decyphering the coded passages took some time but eventually their secrets were revealed to me and I was able to open the lockbox. Inside I found several promissory notes for a large amount of coin, an expensive looking golden statue, an obsidian bust, and another journal labeled “Secret Holdings” – the contents of which I post below:

From the New Magincian Vessel New Hope: 2 Million

From the New Magincian Vessel Blue Skies: 6 Million

From the New Magincian Vessel Ourobourus: 3 Million

From the New Magincian Vessel Pride of Old Magincia: 4 Million

From the New Magincian Vessel Carefree: 5 Million

It would appear that Captain Holly’s most recent endeavours focused on preying upon merchant ships out of New Magincia. I do not know if Governor Gareth is aware of the identity of the corsair behind such attacks but I imagine this will come as interesting news as it suggests a targeted campaign against the city’s shipping.

As for the infamous corsair – her whereabouts are currently unknown but the results of my investigation and the confiscation of her lockbox certainly puts a dent in her current aspirations. And should anything befall myself in light of this published news you can assume the captain has something to do with it. Perhaps I shall have Lazulli prepare several explosive traps at the shrine to deter any such retaliatory action on the part of the corsair.

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