Cove and the Royal Council

Castle Blackthorn, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – February 3, 2014 – by Ashlynn – Politics is not something Cove often concerns itself with being somewhat isolated from the capital and the other cities of the Kingdom. The absence of a noble court within the town also means the intrigues of such a place are somewhat foreign to it’s inhabitants. But it would be folly to think that the Cove folk care little what those in positions of power do, and it would be doubly so to believe they are not aware of what happens across the realm.

Of late the people of cove feel angry and forgotten. While other towns have been granted additional resources that have come with the royal appointment of new civic positions, Cove has received nothing. Instead the people feel they are left to deal with the orcish threat on their doorstep alone. Maintaining the defences drains the town treasury of coin which could be put to better use improving the port town, and incessant attacks claim the lives of young Covians who defend their home with valor equal to that of any warrior of Jhelom.

And yet many within Cove believe the orcish threat could have been destroyed entirely years ago with a brief campaign and aid from the Royal Army, saving a great deal of coin and preventing so much blood throughout the years.

Some months ago I was approached by the town council of Cove to draw up a petition and present it to the King on their behalf. Troubles within the realm have delayed things somewhat but this past week I finally had the opportunity to present the following document:

We the people of Cove have ever been loyal servants of the Crown through even the darkest of times. But as other cities receive coin for civic improvements, and military aid to combat bandits, orcs, and even the forces of Minax, we feel forgotten.

We would never dare make demands of the Crown. We have only humble requests that we feel would show recognition for our long-standing loyalty.

1) We feel that given our long record in keeping enemies of the realm at bay – in particular the orcs of the nearby fort, that we deserve a voice on the Royal Council as a reward.

2) After years of relentless attacks – which may we add have been consistently repelled by the brave folk of Cove – our defences have began to suffer. We have less coin than some of the larger cities yet are required to keep our town fortified at all times. We therefore humbly request aid with and improvements to our defences.

3) We humbly request a lower rate of tax on the squashes we export to other cities as well as lower harbour rates on ships flying a Covian banner.

4) We feel our isolation has long made us a more enticing target for those with more sinister motives and would request an arcane improvement to our town in the form of a moongate.

5) Our town is still dealing with a number of refugees that fled here since the city uprisings some months ago. May we add that Cove remained loyal and without disorder throughout this period, but we would request the construction of a hostel to house these homeless folk.

6) We would like our colours given official recognition.

We thank the King for considering our humble requests.

The King was kind enough to respond to the presentation of the document with something I could take back to the people of Cove to assure them that they are not forgotten.

In response to some of the requests the King stated he would:

  • Lower taxes on Cove exports if there were no objections
  • Send surplus construction materials to improve the town defences
  • Dispatch Lady Kildere to survey the area for the potential construction of a hostel
  • Personally consider Cove’s colours for official approval

The King asked me to speak to the town council regarding the current status of relations with Vesper. I was also asked to provide an assessment of the state of the town militia.

The construction of a moongate is far more uncertain in the absence of those with a working knowledge of them such as Nystul or the court mage Balandar (who is still missing). And as for a seat on the Royal Council, the King expressed with some dismay that such an appointment would almost certainly be fought against by other nobles.

Still it was not an unproductive venture by any means and I am certain that the above will do much to ease some of the discontent brewing within the town. Hopefully I should have more to write on the matter following the next meeting of the Royal Council.

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