Voting Underway for Town Governors

Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – December 11, 2013 – by Ashlynn – Voting is well underway in the winter town governor elections though it seems many candidates may well win by default this season. Only two towns are being actively contested this winter while one town has no candidate at all running for office!

The list of current town candidates is as follows and this information comes courtesy of Lady Ivy of Vesper:

  • Britain (City of Compassion): Dark Writter (Uncontested)
  • Cove (Town of Mushrooms and Fine Folk): Ashlynn (PxR) – Unrecognised by Crown
  • Jhelom (City of Valor): No Candidate
  • Minoc (City of Quality Metal): Victor II (NCC, Incumbent, Uncontested)
  • Moonglow (City of Orreries): Lauren (Incumbent, Uncontested)
  • New Magincia (City of… Pride?): Gareth (EVI, Incumbent, Uncontested)
  • Skara Brae (City of Spirituality): Badger (DWxC, Incumbent, Uncontested)
  • Trinsic (City of Honor): Phoenix (DWxC, Incumbent), Shen (DWxC)
  • Vesper (City of Pirates): Ivy (NCC, Incumbent, Uncontested)
  • Yew (City of Justice): Tehan (DWxC), Jeff (VIP!)

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