Nubby’s Guide to Rock Dungeon

Rock Dungeon, Ilshenar, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – November 26, 2013 – by Nubby Earwiggles

20131126rocktitleRock Dungeon bees a big dungeon dat yoos can find in da narrows south of Montor and da chaos shrine. Yoos gotsta fight all kinds of baddies on yoos way der, as always watch out fer paragons!













Da entrance not all dat fancy, but bees goos way ta run from paragons in da narrows. Der bees sum undead when yoos go in, but not too bad. Go down da hall and yoos come to safe area ta heal. Der yoos also find a body of a poor gypsy and a green well.


Da first part of da halls bees empty of ebil tings, tho it bees scerry with all da body parts. Bring in yoos own water cuz all da wells bees yucky. Der do bees sum safe chest tho, fer yoos pickers ta pick. Der also sum goos meetin spots in here. Cuz of da lack of monsters in da first few halls, mees tinkin dis bees goos place fer baddies ta set up fer der dealins. Der bees torture stuffs, talkin stuff, and meeting stuff all set up fer yoos! Mees tink dis place bees goos fer investigation events and tings. Yoos can set up crate walls to keep badies in der spawnin spots, but remember most dem can open doors!


20131126rock5Der a set of double doors before yoos gets into da badie area. But der do bees two badies in a torture chamber first.

In da baddie area most da hallways bees clear (except fer an anoyin acid elemental mees meet) at first but with da small rooms havin humies badies.

20131126rock6Der also bees a neat necro lab ting in dis area.

20131126rock7As yoos go deeper in yoos start meetin worse tings, dey seem dat go in pairs.

Executioners and mages, mage lords, and liches, and lich lords and elder gazers, wit poison and acid ellies roamin about. Da elder gazers can bees found at da ebil fountain.

Deepest part of da place gots couple lich lords and hell hounds in it.

Dis not da bestest place fer huntin, but mees see big potential fer guild and allaince type events here. Not mees fav dungeon, but worth a looksie!

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