Realm News – Volume 4, Issue 5

realmnewsbanner4-5The PaxLair Press, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – November 3, 2013 – by Ashlynn – While the realm is once again thrown into chaos – a seemingly traditional state of affairs yet one somewhat appropriate for King Blackthorn – politics continues in the City of Britain unabated. No doubt the people will find such a thing reassuring even as the minions of Minax attempt to break down their doors with murderous intent.


Fighting continues as forces now assuredly loyal to the infamous Lady Minax lay siege to the realm. Armour all bearing the crest of the Dark Lady recovered from numerous warriors confirm that the current attacks could only be on her orders.

So far all the major cities of Britannia have been struck with attacks following a similar pattern. A narrow tower topped with some kind of beacon is hastily constructed during the night and attacks soon follow until the structure is destroyed.

But there were further revelations at the most recent Council Meeting as Lord Blackthorn revealed a piece of the gem of immortality that was in his care had gone missing and he believed it related to the raids.

Were the raids a distraction so the Dark Lady could slip in and steal the gem fragment? And what does she intend to do with it? At this point we can only speculate.

Goblin Proposal Rejected at Royal Council Meeting

chaossymbolYesterday evening’s delightful council meeting was mostly dedicated to the chaos currently engulfing the realm as the forces of Minax attack as they please despite the valiant efforts of a dedicated volunteer defence force.

The business of the city governors took up yet more time as various improvements were discussed though I did note that there were no requests for city walls or other defences as yet. Though the effectiveness of such a defence might be questioned given how easily those of Trinsic were circumvented.

But the most interesting order of business was a petition by the foul goblins of Pitmuck to be recognized as an independent territory. Amusingly – and unsurprisingly – the King’s answer was a resounding “NO” which left the little creatures somewhat stunned. After a brief moment of protest the creatures left the hall no doubt to plot something else.

Should the King consider sending the Royal Guard to Pitmuck to stamp out any possible unrest? I feel goblin-kind do not hold the same rights as the human citizens of the realm and pre-emptive action might be necessary.

Discontent in Cove

The lack of representation at the table of the Royal Council seems to be a sticking point for the people of Cove as simple complaints have grown into bigger threats such as a refusal to pay taxes and suggestions that ships flying the royal standard might be refused access to the town port.

Cove as many may be aware has long been a small and isolated town receiving little support from the Crown. Even the large wooden pallisade was erected wholly through the efforts of the townsfolk to combat the incessant raids from the local orc population.

A town meeting has been called by the Cove Council for 20th of this month in order to discuss how to proceed with some calling for a list of demands to be drawn up and presented to the King.

Murderous Necromancer Still at Large

20131103umb1For some weeks now the Royal Guard has been tracking a murderer and potential dabbler in the dark arts from the town of Skara Brae and the truth was finally revealed this week past.

The murderer was finally confirmed without doubt to be Jane, wife of the farmer who almost met his end not so long ago. It was discovered that Jane was once a student at the School of Necromancy in Umbra and the guard soon recovered some of her research materials that led them to her hideout in the dungeon of Doom.

Confronting her she fully admitted trying to kill her husband and seemed utterly remorseless. Surrounding her were a number of sickly-looking undead constructs and as we attempted to make an arrest she brought them to life, ordering them to attack while making her escape in the process.

Despite the destruction of her minions Jane remains at large and should not be approached. The Royal Guard continue to hunt for her and I suspect she will make an appearance soon enough.

Mushroom Fish Sighted Near Moonglow

A strange fish has been sighted off the coast of Moonglow by several farmers who dwell upon the isle. The fish is described as being some eight feet or more in length with a silvery body and wisp-like fins of salmon pink. Most curious is the head of the creature that was said to resemble a large bulbous mushroom a similar shade of pink with dark brown spots.

Fisherman are urged to keep a lookout for the creature and the scholars of the Lyceaum have offered a fairly sizable reward for the first person to bring a specimen to them for study.

Tortured Spirits Work of Goblin Lich

20131103cem1A few weeks ago word of a haunting in Jhelom reached the ears of Commander Gwen and the volunteer militia were called in to investigate. Through communion with a spirit named Errol Tarth it was learned that there was more than one restless spirit dragged from it’s slumber and all they wanted was peace.

Fortunately the spirits were helpful in tracking down the source of the problem to the City of the Dead near Delucia and the culprit was revealed to be a Goblin lich by the name of Mukleto. Fortunately goblin magic is quite poor even when enhanced through the dark arts and the creature quickly fell to the combined might of the Royal Guard allowing the tortured spirits to rest once again.


Minoc Crafting Challenge to be held on the 16th of the month at 8PM EST. This is a Tailoring competition and all entrants need do is bring themselves.

Vesper City Auctions now moved to every other friday with the next one taking place on the 8th of this month.

Hastran of Umbra seeks apprentice bloodletter and physiologist. Inquire at the Bloodletter’s Guild in the City of Umbra.

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