Establishment Spotlight: Pitmuck Bread Mission

Pitmuck, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – September 19, 2013 – by Ashlynn – Today we take a look at a relatively new addition to the bustling pungent settlement that is Pitmuck known as the Bread Mission. This establishment was founded and is run by one Lady Lucy Little with the help of a goblin named Icky Rotblossom and a hunter called Luann.

20130918breadmissionBeing curious about this mission I was privileged enough to be able to interview Lady Lucy and ask her all about the establishment. While the discussion went off on a tangent at points (regarding such things as ratfish and the use of glacial staves for preserving meat) I was able to ask some direct questions about the mission, some of which are printed below.

Ashlynn: I suppose I should start with the basics. What does the bread mission do and who founded it?

Lucy Little: Well, our mission in this world is to feed the hungry… give comfort to those who need it. We do not charge, of course, as it is a humanitarian issue. Every soul is welcome here.

I should add that Ozog (who was present) said it was every soul EXCEPT demons. Which probably have no souls. But orcs were mentioned as being welcome though Lady Lucy informed me the mission does not cater to… wild diets. But a wholesome selection was on offer nonetheless.

Ashlynn: There is another feed the hungry project being launched called the Trinsic Yam Project. How do you feel about that?

Lucy Little: I had not heard about it. I don’t think we have yams here, so it might be a good thing for those who like yams.

The topic then turned to comparisons between goblin heads and yams for a while. Lucy also took the time to tell me about her time spent with the goblins and was quick to express how wondrous she found them. I was not entirely convinced.

Ashlynn: So, with the goblins in mind, why did you choose Pitmuck for the location of the Bread Mission?

Lucy Little: Most people just don’t understand goblins. I chose Pitmuck because I had already settled here. I have been happy here and saw no need to move elsewhere.

Ashlynn: Is all the produce freshly prepared here?

Lucy Little: Some we collect from gardens throughout the land. And meat is brought in from elsewhere by hunters. All fresh I assure you.

Ashlynn: Do you have any help with preperation and the sourcing of ingredients?

Lucy Little: Icky and I are in charge… we have a friend who hunts and gathers as needed. Of course she gets free room and boards for her troubles. Luann helps by keeping the mission in good repair. Icky loves baking the cakes more than anything. She is very very good.

At this point I asked about Icky and how clean she was. Lucy assured me that she always washes her hands and bathes once a week. The topic then turned to certain Tokunese culinary traditions that involved living platters.

Ashlynn: So, opening times. Obviously people get hungry at all hours.

Lucy Little: The mission is always open any hour of the night or day. The vendors always have food ready.

Another tangent regarding corsairs and meat preservation ensued. Apparently there was little of value to steal from the mission and producing more food was no issue.

Ashlynn: What was your inspiration for founding this Mission?

Lucy Little: Well, it’s a gradual evolution of sorts. I’ve gone from being a hunter in my youth, to being a more humane person in my older years. Peace trumps violence in my mind. Caring trumps everything. It’s a happier life for me.

Talk turned to current news and the two vessels moored outside – the compost barge (and old decommissioned corsair) and the pride of Lucy herself – a huge three masted ship. It was then I asked Lady Lucy if she had anything else she wished to add.

Lucy Little: Just that it is a place where all are welcome. We haven’t done any active outreach to date. But we would not be averse to it.

Lucy Little: Oh, we will be putting out special things for halloween for any trick or treaters who come by. Although we will not decorate, of course. This steward here will hold the items.

I thanked Lady Lucy for her time and unfortunately had to make haste on an unexpected errand. But I learned a lot about the bread mission from Lady Lucy and I encourage all to visit it.

Additionally with that in mind the Statehood Meeting on September 24th will be held at the mission. Lady Lucy and her associates will be our hosts and I encourage everyone to visit.

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    I’ve eaten here and I really like how they prepare the fish! I recommend it highly!

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