First Royal Council Meeting With King Blackthorn

Castle Blackthorn, Britain, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – July 11, 2013 – by Ashlynn – The newly elected governors of Britannia’s cities met with the King for the first time yesterday evening to formally introduce themselves, air their concerns, and discuss current affairs. I, your diligent reporter, put in an appearance in an effort to bring word of all that was discussed.

The officials present at the meeting were:

  • King Blackthorn – King of Britannia
  • Ragnar Kilvere  – Royal Guardsman Captain
  • CaT – Governor of Yew
  • Ivy Covedweller – Governor of Vesper
  • CharGar – Governor of Skara Brae
  • Lauren – Governor of Moonglow
  • Phoenix – Governor of Trinsic
  • Angelica – Governor of Britain
  • Victor Speranza – Governor of Minoc
  • Sherry Shar – Governor of Jhelom

Lady CaT and Lady Sherry Shar were late arrivals, and Lord Gareth, Governor of New Magincia was absent. A large number of people including Ozog released on a 300,000 gold crown bond were also present in the public gallery to view the proceedings as they unfolded.

After everyone was seated King Blackthorn called the council into session and asked all the governors to state their names and which towns they represented. The King then followed with a short speech regarding the recent unrest and declared:

“We can never again allow our relationships to be torn asunder in such a manner. We are a Kingdom, bound together for the good of all Britannia. And it is only together that we can progress in a manner to honor this land and it’s people.”

Cheers of “Long live Britannia” followed before the King asked each of the Governors to formally introduce themselves for his benefit and that of those in the public gallery.

20130711councilmeeting2The King then moved on to the first order of business – the recent attacks on by earth creatures across the realm. Captain Kilvere gave a full report of the attacks to the council, mentioning the missing mages, dead scholars, and recovered cipher. The King brought up the large stone gateway in the ruins where Vulcan was defeated and declared he would take charge of investigating that personally.

Lady Andrea Kilvere was also briefly commended for the support she had given thus far to the Royal Guard and it was suggested she could also aid in any investigation.

The governor’s finally had their chance to speak as the King asked them to bring up their requests and concerns in turn.

Governor Ivy was the first to speak and her opening request was funding for construction of a proper animal stables and yard near the tailor shop just across the north bridge. Vesper with it’s history of maritime trade and smuggling has never traditionally devoted much funding to animal husbandry and lacked the facilities.

The governor also requested resources for several other improvements including civic decorations, a public trash can, and the towing away of abandoned ships – presumably one-time pirate vessels that sought sanctuary in Vesper.

Finally, Lady Ivy mentioned a mutual defence pact that had been established with the Governor and City of Minoc, the written details of which was presented to the King.

Governor CharGar was next to speak requesting the commissioning of a white stone ankh to be placed outside the Community Centre. Also mentioned was the upcoming trial of Ozog, the goblin who had been recently arrested for vandalism, harassment, arson, and assault.

Next to speak was Governor Lauren with the simple request of more guards for the City of Moonglow. Presumably the recent attacks had shaken up the people of the city and security was foremost in the minds of the citizenry.

Encouraging commerce was mostly on the mind of Governor Phoenix with her requests for the rebuilding of the dockside market and the construction of a Soul Forge.

Lady Phoenix then raised the matter of Ozog’s trial claiming that he was arrested without cause and there was a great deal of concern over the matter especially amongst the citizenry. She suggested that the matter would set a precedent that would see all governors ignoring due process when dealing with citizens of the realm.

Lady CharGar was given a chance to respond and went into detail regarding the crimes Ozog was accused of. The King seemed to agree that the charges were justly filed and was happy with a trial to go ahead as long as it was fair.

Governor Angelica spoke next asking for the restoration of a “box of rope” or some such. I must admit that I have no idea what it is precisely, but it seemed to be important to the Lady Angelica and I believe the King also considered it a legitimate concern.

High taxes were Lady Angelica’s next concern, especially in regards to city trade deals. The King stated that he had already heard rumblings on the matter and it would be looked in to.

Governor Victor Speranza seemed to come prepared, unrolling a scroll an delivering an impressive speech to the council, the contents of which have been penned in ink for the benefit of my readers:

Greetings your Majesty, Governors, Lords and Ladies. Greetings to all citizens of Britannia, be you Humans, Elves, Gargoyles, Goblins or other more. I, Victor II, am just another fellow traveler along the path of Virtue and welcome all of you to join the city of Minoc and I look forward to representing you now, and in the future as this council continues.

I have come amongst you today, as you see, not for my recreation and display, but in the midst of political and physical battle raging in my home town. If I am to live and die amongst you all; to lay down for Sacrifice, for Minoc, and my people I can do no less but to stand before King Blackthorn today and represent the fears and desires of my fellows.

I know I have but the body but of a weak and wiry archer; but I have the heart and stomach of a King, even though I am but a pale shade to a King of Britannia, and think foul scorn that enemies of our land, should dare to invade the borders of our realm. I would rather any dishonor be given to me, than to not take up arms here in Council or in the field of battle by representing not myself, but the artisans, merchants, and warriors of Minoc.

I have four requests of his grace, two regarding the safety of the land, one to help improve the prosperity of not only Minoc but of Yew, Jhelom, and other towns, and one to help raise the morale of our town.

Due to the recent attacks on Minoc and her interests we have signed a mutual defense pact with our closest neighbor, the city of Vesper. As beneficial as this is, and without slighting the bravery of our neighbors, the citizens feel this is not enough to protect our homes and interests. While we have extended our realm of protection to our gypsy friends we barely have enough armed guards to patrol the area. Thus the citizens of Minoc humbly request an increase in the amount of guards we can employ in order to patrol our city and defend our interests.

In regards to our gypsy friends, we are very excited to have them in the city of Minoc. They have long been a positive influence and supportive of the endeavors of Minoc and not only bring us new and rare materials but help our wares reach the far reaching corners of Sosaria. However, recent issues with attacks, not only withing the city but along the roads, have caused a series of problems and even forced several of our friends to seek refuge in Vesper and even The Lost Lands. We have no want to see them removed from our town and and as such wish to offer them the same protection we bestow upon our own, more permanent, citizens. Thus the citizens of Minoc humbly request that we remove the paltry tents housing the gypsies and provide them more protection by creating a large hostel in which they may all reside and escape the elements with a real roof over their heads and hide from danger with a real wall to protect their children.

While the defense of Minoc is an important part of our livelihood, we must also continue to make gold in which to pay our taxes and feed our hungry mouths. Minoc has been home to the famous sawmill, although known more recently as the place to get your start as a miner or blacksmith thanks to the rich bounties of Mount Kendall and nearby Covetous dungeon, but she lacks in one area that is most beneficial to not only Minoc but to Yew and even interested parties in Jhelom, Vesper, and Britain. This would be trade by sea. Thus the citizens of Minoc humbly request that we build a dock in order to begin trade by sea as well as by land. There are many great locations still being discussed by our committees but once funds and approval have been granted our industrious citizens will be more than excited to begin construction.

And on to my final point, and I will try to be quick as I didn’t wish to take up more time than Vesper did! This is simply a request for improving civic appearence around the city of Minoc. We are had workers and our expansion has always been rapid. Because of this we have outgrown the normal development of cities and find ourselves lacking in a few basic services and appearances. The citizens of Minoc humbly request two beautification projects; one to finish the statues that have been under construction for years in the center of town, two to finally have our roads paved and finished as we have grown so fast that we have but simple dirt paths or broken stone still lining the ground beneath our feet.

Thank you for your time my King. May you forever follow the Virtues.

The King thanked Governor Victor, agreed that Minoc was in urgent need of aid, and said his concerns would be looked into.

Speaking next for Jhelom was Governor Sherry Shar who had the single request of more support from the Royal Navy to deal with pirates frequently lurking off the coast.

Last to speak was latecomer Governor CaT who had apparently been accosted by trolls on the way to the castle. She however had no requests of the King which seems to indicate that all is well in the serene forest town of Yew.

With nothing else to discuss the King declared the meeting over and stated he could note stay for the post meeting feast. He did however address further concerns from private citizens, particularly on the topic of the upcoming trial.

Sadly I could not stay to hear all the details as I had an appointment regarding an upcoming story contest. But I believe the first meeting with the King has been productive and will hopefully continue to be so in the coming months.

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