First Annual Silvervale Easter Bunny Hunt

silvervaleeasterbannerSilvervale, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – March 17, 2013 – by Ashlynn – It has come to my attention (well I was informed) that the good people of Silvervale will be hosting an Easter Extravaganza on the 28th of March!

Specifically there are two events on the night with the first beginning at 7pm EST.

The Felucca Bunny Hunt

From 7pm onwards it is said that an easter bunny or similar creature will be roaming the road between Britain and Yew on the facet of Felucca. The bunny is said to carry many valuables (as well as plenty of easter eggs I imagine) that would make quite a reward for any who can track and kill it!

So bunny hunters and would-be bandits should keep an eye out!

The Vorpal Bunny Hunt

From 8pm onwards the good people of Silvervale will be summoning vorpal bunnies in the fields of Moonglow. This dextrous pests are said to run around with special coloured eggs that can be liberated from them.

Both events promise lots of fun so I hope to see you all there!

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