The Scene of the Crime

The Lost Lands, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – November 3, 2012 – by Ashlynn – “Murder! murder! The Commander has been murdered!” came the cry from one corner of Serpent’s Hold several days ago. I might have thought it a prank had I not seen it with my own eyes – Commander Foxx slumped over his desk, a small cloud of flies already buzzing around his decaying corpse. An ignominious end for the prodigal drunk.

I gave thought to who might be responsible for such an act. An associate of Morrow or Scarlet? Captain Gwen (who will surely receive a promotion in the absence of any other candidates)? A tavern owner or brewer angry over an unpaid ale bill?

Two of the Royal Guard were already on the scene, one whom offered us the use of a few investigation kits if we wished to help. I couldn’t help myself so grabbed a bag and decided to take a look at the body.

With the aid of the other guard’s expertise in forensics I soon discovered the Commander’s blood was tainted with an exotic poison of some kind, possibly wyvern poison or something similar. A small empty vial was also found nearby covered in small dainty fingerprints. Finally, one of the guardsman informed me that tracks had been found leading to the nearby cave of Fire.

By now others had taken an interest in the murder and it was decided a trip to Fire was in order. The trip turned out to be fruitful as we discovered an old rusty grappling hook near the lost lands entrance, the makers mark informing us that it was crafted by Tomas O Neelen of Trinsic.

The grappling hook was an uncommon curiosity and if we wanted one of our own, we’d need to run a little errand for Tomas. Naturally it involved a brush with death and the infiltration of a den of evil. It would appear the role of Royal Investigator is one fraught with perilous mundane tasks, but we were successful and soon had a hook of our own.

However we now seemed to be at a dead end – that is until word of another killing reached our ears. Lord Valyon of Britain had been murdered along with one of his servants. The Royal Guard were once again first on the scene and believing it to be related, we decided to see for ourselves.

A horrific sight lay in wait for us at Valyon’s Candlewynde Estate. The servant’s corpse had been carved up and Lord Valyon lay sprawled out on his chamber floor, the walls painted with his blood. Taking a closer look, we found wet muddy footprints everywhere, possibly the same size as those discovered near Fire. Muddy splinters (possibly from Lost Lands flora) were found swimming in the sea of blood and one of the guardsmen had found a piece of a leather glove with a Delucian makers mark.

Putting all the pieces together we concluded that everything pointed to the Lost Lands. If we wanted to find the killer or their hideout, we’d need to search there.

It was eventually Lauren of Dragon’s Watch who first discovered the old shack hidden by a river bank, accessible only by the use of a grappling hook. Inside was alchemical apparatus used for making poison  and a journal that appeared to belong to the killer.

The killer however was long gone, the trail cold beyond the discovery of the shack. More worryingly, their writings suggest a descent into madness and I fear this is not the last we have heard from them. When they do strike again perhaps we will pick up their trail once more and bring them to justice.

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