Alliance Healer Stations

PaxLair Alliance, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – September 13, 2012 – by Ashlynn – The Britannian Healer’s Guild recently finished construction of all reamining healing stations for the towns of the Alliance.

The humble looking tents were erected by the Guild in appreciation for assistance given by alliance citizens in fighting disease, running errands and keeping members of the Royal Guard and Royal Militia on their feet, as well as mixing large amounts of cures to fight the recent gargish plague.

Other non-alliance towns have also received healer stations including Zedland, Port Ethereal Keys, Oasis, and Gargouile Shallows.

Alliance healer stations can be found in the following locations:

Dragons Watch Healer Station

Located on the coast beside the Dragon’s Watch Town Hall. (Felucca)

Co-ordinates: 136o 35’N 130o 59’E


Gyldenfeld Healer Station

Located next to the livery station beside Britain Crossroads (Trammel)

Co-ordinates: 28o 39’S 22o 42’W


Nidaros Healer Station

The station can be found beside the town banner. (Trammel)

Co-ordinates: 46o 40’S 27o 04’W


PaxLair City Healer Station

Located on the eastern end of the City Arena. (Felucca)

Co-ordinates: 78o 35’N 26o 55’E


PaxOku Healer Station

The station stands beside a bamboo grove a little ways north of the town livery station and banner. (Tokuno)

Co-ordinates: 101o 31’N 61o 18’W


Pitmuck Healer Station

The station is sited on the eastern side of the island not far from the Pitmuck Deli. (Trammel)

Co-ordinates: 45o 10’S 61o 35’E

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