The Search for Lost Knowledge

Shrine of Sobriety, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – September 9, 2012 – by Ashlynn – Sosaria is an old land full of secrets. There was a world before the rise of the Kingdom of Britannia and will no doubt be one after the realm finally falls. Esoteric knowledge also lies hidden in books throughout the land but many tomes have been lost to the river of time. Some crop up now and again but many are gone forever.

Why do I mention this?

An associate of mine delivered a book to me today detailing an archive of such lost knowledge. Long ago there existed a college of magic at a place called New Mire, so named for the land about it had recently become a fen. It was a school of powerful mages but it was most famed for it’s library that was said to contain the most extensive collection of esoterica to exist in Sosaria. The books covered all topics from the creation of moongates, the crafting of specialized runes, even the raising of the dead. It is said that a rune library can also be found within with books that can take an explorer to places thought long gone. Nothing was considered forbidden or taboo.

But something terrible befell that place when the gem of immortality was shattered and it was believed lost forever – perhaps buried beneath the earth or simply erased from existance.

The book I received today suggests otherwise. Buried beneath tons of rock, the library itself is said to be intact. If it could be found it might usher in a new golden age for the study of magic and our understanding of the function of the moongates themselves. And whoever was to control the library would be powerful and wealthy indeed.

Sadly the clues are fragmentary and it will take a great effort to piece them together. The book itself focuses mostly upon the library and the wonders within. It speaks of enchanted books and spirits that inhabit them. It speaks of sentient moongates that can move of their own accord. It also mentions mighty guardians made from runes that can send intruders to far away places with the swing of an enchanted arm.

I therefore suggest we try to seek this place out. I shall assemble what clues I have discovered, make them available and urge others to look for more. Perhaps we may find something to enable us to better protect our fair land in the process, while recovering some of Sosaria’s lost history.

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