News from Across the Realm, Volume 2, Issue 14

The Press of Enlightenment, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – August 21, 2012 – by Ashlynn (with a contribution from Samara)While some of the unrest has quietened down, this month has been a busy one with the curing of the gargish and the return of a well known figure in Britannian history.

Lord Blackthorn Returns

Or so it is claimed but a number of us who were invited to castle Blackthorn yesterday evening were informed by Lord Dupre and Sherry the Mouse that the mysterious healer who had been aiding the sick gargish folk in the fishing village north of the Royal City claimed he was Lord Blackthorn himself.

The whole thing was very confusing with the talk of Exodus and other planes and all of that, and when questioned about who or what exactly was lying in that Sarcophagus in Felucca, an imposter was suggested.

There was talk of trials and tests to get to the truth of the matter, but the man claiming to be Blackthorn is currently thought to be residing in Ter Mur somewhere. I’ve no doubt a formal return will make for an interesting event. Will he try and claim the throne? Will he be offered it? Or will he unleash another horde of strange augmented warriors against our realm?

And it would appear Exodus is not truly dead, merely banished back to some dark plane and no doubt plotting revenge. Something the realm should be ready for in the future.

Unrest in Ter Mur

No, the chaos that has plagued Britannia has not spread to the gargish lands. Instead it seems that the presence of the Ver Lor Reg gargish and the plague they brought with them has created a divide amongst Ter Mur society and public opinion, with one half demanding they be moved on.

Queen Zhah has so far resisted pressure from her unhappy people to do this but I suspect this is not something that continue for long. Eventually she will have to do something and the gargish of Ver Lor Reg will be banished… or worse. The question is where will they go?

Their city is destroyed and most of Ilshenar is overrun with hostile creatures and peoples. Britannia has it’s own problems but perhaps they could be offered an island near Serpent’s Hold to live upon. Whatever the case, they will need somewhere to go and if they are not assisted in the endeavour, they will simply choose somewhere for themselves which could create problems for the rest of us in the future. Do you want a big gargish refugee camp in your yard?

Shutting the Box – by Samara

Pirates and landlubbers join in on a sailor classic, “Shut the Box.” A game of gambling, dice, and a little bit of finger and toe counting. As the night settled, it seems the ladies of the tavern fared the best. Most notably, Ashlynn managed to “Shut the Box” twice, winning those two rounds automatically.

Join us next Sunday at 7pm est for something new at the Soggy Barnacle Tavern!

Ozog’s Bloody Reward

A few weeks ago, Drosselmeyer and Dudley were unexpectedly absent and so Ozog happily volunteered to fill their shoes for the evening. While he performed the job… adequately and with some enthusiasm, it seemed he wanted a little more recognition for the whole thing!

Sunday evening during the regularly scheduled Hall of Commons, Ozog demanded a token of his service to the realm. One person even bent his knee and humbly requested that such recognition be given.

Acquiescing to the demands of some of those present, Drosselmeyer led the crowd outside the hall where he summoned the magical form of a great Crimson Dragon in honour of Ozog. Unfortunately, someone amongst the crowd riled the beast and it suddenly attacked without warning and had to be put down. There were several serious injuries and even a wandering healer was killed.

Suffice to say, I don’t think Ozog will be receiving any more accolades anytime soon.

A Humble Visit to Nujelm

Volunteers rallied once again in Serpents Hold to assist the Royal Guard in performing duties they themselves should be performing. At some stage in the future I may have to write up my assessment of the actual Royal Guard and how undermanned their paid regulars seem to be.

Commander Foxx asked us to visit to the city following the trail of Scarlet Von Trinsic and Kendrick Morrow. It seems if Morrow wasn’t a criminal before, the company he was now keeping put him firmly in that camp.

Our objective was to locate the assassin if possible. Of course we couldn’t go in uniform or dressed as ourselves so a more cunning plan was required. Instead we would all travel to Nujelm as monks of the Virtue of Humility and claim to any we met there that we were performing missionary duties. Using this disguise, we would try and find out what Morrow and his new associate were up to and who they were meeting.

The plan was mostly a success until Morrow decided to quickly leave the island after apparently stealing valuable treasure, forcing us to follow him by ship and stop him on the high seas. Unfortunately a strange storm caught all of us and we were all swept onto the coast of Dagger Isle.

We soon regained our composure and attempted to capture both Morrow and Von Trinsic, but instead Morrow summoned a great sea creature or sea elemental of some kind that bought them time to escape.

Any sightings of Morrow or his new associate should be reported to the Royal Guard immediately. Confronting him alone should also be avoided as he is known to be a mage of considerable skill.

In Other News…

  • Volunteers from the Alliance fought against Cora’s minions a few evenings back and were quickly overwhelmed.
  • The Island Resort of the Soulbinder has sank back into the sea after several guests objected to inappropriate treatment by the zombie-like staff and ill mannered overseer. I even managed to grab a book on the way back to the boat!
  • Prize Darts Competition this coming saturday at 8pm by the Eastern Clock. Gargish folk unwelcome!
  • Mobile Rune Library visiting various towns and cities in Sosaria. Speak with Lady Winmere for more details!

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