Captain of the Guard Ceremony: Thelorn

PaxLair, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – December 11, 1998 – by Winfield – A Grand Ceremony was held atop the Mage Tower in PaxLair to honor our former Captains of the Guard, Endorphin and PanchoGrande, and to officially appoint Thelorn of The Band as the new Captain of the Guards. Mayor Winfield presided over the ceremony while Minister of Defense Katelynn made the appointment.

Thelorn appointed as Captain of the PaxLair Guard

Winfield starts the Ceremony

Many people came to the tower to witness the ceremony, to thank Endorphin and PanchoGrande for their service to PaxLair, and to welcome Thelorn as the Captain of the PaxLair Guard. Thelorn, a founder of PaxLair, owner of the Second Chance Provisioners (SCP), and Leader of The Band, brings honor to PaxLair by his demonstrated dedication, imagination, and commitment to the ideals of our town.

The Ceremony was conducted as follows:

Winfield: My friends of PaxLair. As you all know, PaxLair is not simply a group of ornate buildings, but a family of friends: the hard-working shopkeepers, the mysterious people, the wonderful races, the warriors and guards, and the government officials. The creativeness and imaginations of our family of friends is what has made PaxLair truly the best town in all of Britannia.

Winfield: In PaxLair, our defense system is to defend peace and opportunity for all. Our neutrality is based on a concept that all people are equal and have the opportunity to visit and participate in this wonderful town. To defend this peace and neutrality, the reality of this world forces us to have a guard force within the boundaries of PaxLair.

Winfield: In this vein, there are three people here tonight I am honored to present to you in this Grand Ceremony. They have demonstrated true loyalty to the ideals of PaxLair and dedication to devote much time for our town.

Minister of Defense Katelynn thanks Endorphin and Pancho Grande

Winfield: I call forward Endorphin – PanchoGrande was not able to stay this eve. Endorphin and PanchoGrande were outstanding as the Captains of the PaxLair guard. They now are called to a new destiny that will take them far from PaxLair to new and wonderful lands. I must say under their mutual leadership, the PaxLair guards have formed a great dedicated team to protecting PaxLair and helping all people. I truly thank you Endorphin and PanchoGrande for your service to PaxLair. I now call upon Minister of Defense Katelynn to say a few words.

Katelynn: I wish to thank you personally, Endorphin and Pancho Grande as well for the care and dedication that you both showed while serving as Captains. You will both be remembered and respected in PaxLair. I wish you the best in whatever pursuits you choose to follow.

Endorphin: Aye, indeed it was an honor to work at your side, m’lady.

Thelorn Stepping Forward

Winfield: It gives me great pleasure tonight to call forward a long-time friend of mine and of many here in PaxLair. Thelorn of The Band, please step forward.

Winfield: I have known Thelorn for many years and he is one of the founders of PaxLair. He has been in PaxLair since the very beginning and has devoted much of his life to our wonderful town.

Winfield: Thelorn, I ask you now, do you swear to dedicate your life to the service of PaxLair, to the people here, and to the ideals upon which PaxLair is built?

Thelorn: Yes I Swear

Winfield: Do you swear to perform your duties above all else as the Captain of the Guards, to lead them, organize them, and defend us against non-peaceful activities and threats?

Thelorn: Yes I Swear

Winfield: Very well, Thelorn. Chancellor Mystarr, does Thelorn meet your approval?

Mystarr: Aye *nods*

Winfield: Minister of Defense Katelynn, I present to you Thelorn of The Band. He has my and my Chancellor’s approval to be your Captain of the Guards.

Katelynn: *nods* Thelorn, you have long served the people of this town in many ways, and to many you are considered somewhat of a legend.

Thelorn: *blush*

Trust is Placed in Thelorn

Katelynn: It is truly an honor and a pleasure to have you return to the guards to serve as the Captain. I look forward to working with you to keep our town and its people safe. Thelorn, I appoint you to the position of Captain of the Guards. I present you with this Halberd as a symbol of your position and our trust in your abilities.

Thelorn: Thank you m’lady

Zaelerion: *motions for applause*

Everyone: *cheers* *claps* *applause*

Thelorn: I must thank the government of PaxLair for your trust and for all the Citizens and the visitors of PaxLair. Know that I will gladly give my life to save yours. And i will make the laws of PaxLair to be respected also, be it with my word or by my sword. *grins*

Winfield: I wish to thank you Thelorn, Endorphin, and PanchoGrande for your devotion and dedication to this fine town and its people. You set the example for myself and others to follow.

Winfield: Three Cheers for Thelorn, Endorphin, and PanchoGrande! HIP HIP! *Hoorah!* HIP HIP! *Hoorah!* HIP HIP! *Hoorah!*

Winfield: I thank you all for coming to this important ceremony. Go in peace and balance now my friends and continue to make PaxLair the greatest town in all of Britannia! Well Met everyone!

Cheers for Thelorn, Endorphin, and Pancho Grande

About Winfield

I am the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood. Our Statehood has four cities on the Chesapeake Shard: Dragons Watch, Nidaros, PaxLair City, and PaxOku. I'm an old mage and fisherman who's been around since the beginning of the Realm [1997].
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