News from Across the Realm, Volume 2, Issue 11

PaxLair Press, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – July 2, 2012 – by Ashlynn – A quest to aid the sick and dying on behalf of the Healer’s Guild of Britannia number amongst our endeavours this month.

Soggy Barnacle Darts Competition

I have been informed by Kerrs Holley of Port Baldamor that this coming sunday there will be a Darts Competition at the Soggy Barnacle Tavern. As with many tavern competitions of this sort, there may or may not be prizes and a few injuries may be involved due to drunk darts throwers.

The competition will take place Sunday 8th July at 7pm by the eastern sky. There will be no Hall of Commons meeting taking place on sunday either.

A Plague for the Angels

The Healer’s Guild of Britannia have offered to give townships of the alliance credit if they can meet a quota for a certain number of cures to help the sick in Northern Ter Mur. As has previously been reported, shortly after refugees from Ver Lor Reg arrived in the Royal City, a plague broke out amongst the Ter Mur natives. Those afflicted are currently quarantined at the Fishing Village north of the Royal City.

Curiously it seems that the Gargish of Ver Lor Reg are unaffected and may possibly be carriers for the disease. This belief has also sewn discord between the two Gargish races with some unrest already rumored.

The Healer’s Guild has requested each township produce fifty cures for the diseased gargoyles and a mysterious healer at the Fishing Village has supplied us with the medical lore to produce the cure.

Others still needing to procure such knowledge can acquire books from said healer who remains in the village overseeing the sick and recovering.

Each cure requires the following ingredients:

  • Vanilla (which can be harvested from cultivated vanilla plants)
  • Sugarcane (which can be harvested from cultivated sugarcane)
  • Cuticle Sac (harvested from the corpses of Terathans)
  • Blightborn Slime (found on slimes dwelling within the sewers and the swamp near Destard)
  • Raw Yeast (Acquired from Orcs)

We have estimated that to gain credit for the remaining townships, we will require 250 of each ingredient. Yesterday evening we began harvesting some of these and have so far acquired 90 cuticle sacs from slain Terathan Matriarchs.

A mailbox has also been set up at the Tea House for the purpose of collecting ingredients and more mailboxes can be set up if required.

The Sosarian Solstice Herding Faire

Last week the latest incarnation of the Solstice Faire took place with Ozzie the Cluckologist leading events. The game of the night was… well I am not quite sure what it was called. But it involved the herding of chickens.

The rules were quite simple: Each contestant was given a chicken and they competed against another to herd their charge through an obstacle course. The first through the course was declared the winner. I believe the format was single elimination though I am not sure who actually won in the end.

A Goblin Cure for a Goblin Ailment

Icky Rotblossom, one of THOSE creatures living on the island of Pitmuck has, to my amazement, managed to find a cure to a common ailment that plagues the goblins (and any unfortunate humans who have too much close contact which should be no one).

The ailment known in scholarly circles as Enterobiasis, or more commonly as Pitmuck Pinworms is an infestation of the gut that causes intense itching in unfortunate places.

The cure is apparently made from akavit, strength potions and enchanted apples. Whether it works or not is yet to be confirmed by more reliable sources.

Alliance Assault on Cora

With the return of our weekly friday expeditions, Lady Phoenix led us to Covetous where we battled the forces of Cora, earning treasure and recognition in the process. Although we were eventually overwhelmed by what seemed like an endless horde of minions, we fought off wave after wave of undead for quite some time and made them pay dearly for every inch of ground they took before forced to withdraw.

For my efforts, I was fortunate enough to find an ankh trinket on one of our fallen foes, and Sorceress Vela has offered to reward all of us for our contribution in fighting against Cora.

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