The Abduction

An Unknown Location, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – December 6, 1998 – by Atlan – Since he first introduced himself in the player-city of PaxLair, the mysterious character only known as “N.” never showed, but instead used his minions and crystals of communication to plot and scheme and manipulate.

Letter from Atlan -I-

A flash of light – pain – darkness.

When i realized that these people where minions of N. it was too late already. They magically blinded me and then i felt the well known sensation of a moongate. But this time it was different. Normally, you feel like entering a tunnel and leaving it again. But this time, just when i felt about to leave the tunnel, i entered it again.

An endless row of tunnels opened up on me, taking forever to cross. And suddenly, the end. I stood blind and shaking in some vast room, as a voice spoke to me:

“Ah, welcome Atlan, you are a bit late for dinner. *cackles* But i guess you aren’t hungry. Anyway, let me introduce myself. I am the one you refer to as N.”

Atlan: “N… what did you do to mine eyes? I cannot see anymore.”

N.: “Ah, this a question we will analyse to some extent. For now, take it as a precaution from me, for you are not yet allowed to see me.”

Atlan: “Is… will this be permanent? Will i ever be able to see again?”

N.: “This your own choice completely, seer. Learn and grow, or perish and stay blind. It is a disciplinary measure… but i am impolite. Melina, take our guest to his seat.”

Melina: “Yes, master.” I felt her guiding hand and heard her hissed whisper: “Remember all you hear, we will talk later.”

N.: “What are you talking, Melina?”

Melina: “I was just warning him not to slip, master. The floor is rough.”

N.: “Ah, well. First, we need to clear your mind of the unnecessary ballast. You came a bit to close with your research. Maybe others will proceed to do so, but for our task, i want your mind to be unburdened with suspicions.”

The seat was cold metal, and when i sat, shackles snapped around my ankles and my head.

Atlan: “Ah. What is this? There is no need to chain me. You blinded me, isn’t that enough?”

N.: “Be still, it won’t hurt you, Atlan…Vas An Wis, An Ex Wis!”

And again, darkness engulfed me… When i woke, i was dizzy and tired. Someone seemed to have carried me into some sort of cell, for this room felt much smaler than N.s hall.

Melina: “Atlan, i cannot speak too long. Here is pen and paper. Record all you hear and feel, for your memory may play tricks on you. I will try to send the papers to your friends. I must go now.”

Atlan: “Wait! Why don’t you just write it yourself and tell them where to find us? Or, as you are at it, why not help me to escape?”

Melina: “I…i can’t. He put a spell on me. I cannot act against his will openly, or talk about anything. You will have to do it. I need to go, or he might grow suspicious. Your friend Alanna pledged for your release, and his… N. is willing to grant her an audience.”

“Alanna! Will he blind her as well?” i asked bitterly.

Melina: “Not the same way you were blinded. A magical fold will do. Hurry, he will call for you again soon.”

With these words, she closed a door and was gone. Luckily, i was used to scribble in the dark from my long nights of research. I only hope these notes reach you somehow, my friends. Winfield, Mystarr, Green Dragon, Katelynn and all the others. I do not know where i am, nor what N. wants from me, but beside my blindness, i am well.

Please, hinder Alanna from putting herself into grave danger. I will somehow find a way to escape, or at least tell you how to find me. I hope Melina can send this to you soon, before Alanna can do anything foolish…


Letter from Atlan -2-

Sweet Alanna, foolish Alanna.

The next time N. called for me, she was there. The Dark Omen had taken her too now. But although my feelings -a mixture of anger, because of her foolishness and pride for her courage and care- clouded my perceptions, i noticed much more of my surrounding. Seemingly, the human mind can adjust to about anything.

N.: “Atlan, welcome your disciple Alanna. She pledged for your freedom, and i granted her the chance to speak.”

Atlan: “Alanna! Why did you do this? This is madness, now he has us both in his grip.”

Alanna: “I had to do something. I couldn’t let you take this burden alone and stand back.”

N.: “Heartbreaking. But now on to the more important things. You asked me why i had you blinded. Well, the reason is simple. You were blind from the beginning. You call yourself the seer of PaxLair, but you failed your city, your friends and your land!”

Atlan: “But..”

N.: “Silence! Yes you failed them. You were hunting shadows. My identity is not the problem you face in PaxLair. It will eventually become known, not just yet, but soon. You heard the messages of the Great Earth Serpent, but did you understand them? No! You bother the people around you with your little essays on Balance, praising it! With that, you seal their doom, for Balance will be burned out of your heads soon.”

Alanna: “Atlan taught me the ways of Balance, thus saving my soul from certain death. How can you speak that way of Balance?”

N.: “How i can? Because i KNOW and because i SEE, other than your famous seer here! Did he tell you of his visions of apocalypse? The burning of worlds and death-cry of millions he hears each night? No! Because he is not sure what they mean, although it is obvious!”

Atlan: “How can you know that, i never…”

N.: “Ha! I told you i know and see. But i told you enough. It is time you learn your lesson the hard way, Atlan. You will stay blind until you see the truth. It is up to you to cure yourself and help your people. Do not waste time on my plans and don’t bother in stopping me, for you have bigger problems at hand.”

Alanna: “At least tell him how to see again!”

N.: “How can i tell the blind how to see, child? It is impossible if they do not learn themself. I thought you would understand me, understand my motifes. You are the only one to avert Gehenna. Let me take a look into your eyes, i must know if you have got what it takes. Melina, lift her veil!”

Melina: “Yes, master”

At this moment, Alanna screamed and then sobbed. I nearly went mad and began to shout, until i heard those words again:

“Yes…i see hope in your eyes, and even understanding, if only sparse. It is hard for me to walk in the kingdom of the blind and see alone… I will ease your memory now, but never forget what you learned. Vas An Wis, An Ex Wis!”

When i woke again, paralysed, i heard N. talk to Alanna again.

N.: ” It took you Compassion, and Valor to dare this Sacrifice for Atlan. *sighs* Now you glimpsed the true nature of these so called ‘Virtues’. They are your harsh masters and will lead your way to damnation. Learn this, Alanna, child of prophesy, last daughter of eve. Gehenna is a symptome but not the cause. If you can overcome it, you will face a peril that is beyond anything you can imagine. This is a war won with faith alone, a battle for your very essence and souls.”

Alanna: “We can overcome Gehenna? How?”

N.: “Ahh, children, they never listen and never learn. Yes, there might be a way, but are you strong enought to take it? And even if you succeeded, would you not perish in the times to come? Anyway, i can’t tell you anymore. Know that i will fight you, for you are your own enemy. But for now, you are free to leave. Take this wreckage of a seer back to his beloved town and help him to learn.”

Alanna: “We may go now?”

N.: “Soon, Alanna. I will have to do some additional adjustments to your friends memory yet. In a few days, you are free to go.”

Alanna: “What are you doing to him?”

N.: “The same i did to you, my child. I wiped unwanted memories from his brain and cleansed his thinking. He will be alright soon. Take them away, i don’t want too see them anymore.”

They took us to seperate cells and i had the chance to write this report before they take me away again. I am not sure what i have forgotten, but i hope i could help you with what i can recall. Hopefully, N. will honor his word and release us unblemished.

NOTE: This is part of a continuing PaxLair Player Quest, not a Seer Quest.

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