Lady Vasheri Talks about Trinsic, Ver Lor Reg and Dupre

Trinsic, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – June 17, 2012 – by Winfield – Lady Vasheri of Trinsic met with some people after the House of Commons meeting.  Here is Winfield’s account:

We met Lady Vasheri in Trinsic at the Brotherhood of Trinsic.  She explained more about herself and the situation in Trinsic.  Lady Vasheri is one of the last nobles of Trinsic still holding some power.  With Arkun gone, Lord Cauthon has taken control of many business and areas of Trinsic.  He was a minor noble until recently, and has no interest in the other nobles.

We then went to the Keg and Anchor to look for Dupre.  Lady Vasheri continued her explanations.

The immediate threat is whatever is in Ver Lor Reg.  Dupre led a fighting retreat at Ver Lor Reg when a scout said thousands more enemy were coming.  Dupre claims he heard noises from inside Ver Lor Reg that were strange creatures.  Dupre’s knights are trained, but only a small force.  Most of his force is holding factions back in Felucca.  Dupre anticipates close quarters contact within the city in any future battle.  Lady Vasheri offered Dupre the Talon of Destard, but he uses a sword, not a kryss.  Therefore, Lady Vasheri is hoping her meeting with Lord Valyon will bear fruit; she will speak with Lord Valyon soon to see if he has a weapon called Starfell and will let Dupre use it.  For mages, Dupre said lightning type spells would help in the battles.  Dupre’s archers use Valorite encased tips on arrows.  Compound bows will work well too.

Lady Vasheri in Trinsic

Lady Vasheri at the Keg and Anchor holding the Talon of Destard

As I prepared to depart, Lady Vasheri had this to say, “Sharpen your blades and ready your armor. Lord Dupre is certain to be requesting our assistance soon.”

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I am the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood. Our Statehood has four cities on the Chesapeake Shard: Dragons Watch, Nidaros, PaxLair City, and PaxOku. I'm an old mage and fisherman who's been around since the beginning of the Realm [1997].
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