PaxLair Site is Online again! Rebuilding.

The Ether (PaxLair Times) – June 17, 2012 – by Winfield – The PaxLair web site is back online at, but it is archived in Updates to the site were infrequent over the past few years and then the site became corrupted.  Winfield rebuilt the site to make it stable as an archive and then decided to work on a brand new PaxLair site for the future.

Old PaxLair Site

Old PaxLair Site is back online

“The old site was getting too hard to maintain and we did not have many authors,” Winfield said. “It has a lot of information and served us well. It consolidated history back to the early days of 1998 and was active up until 2008.  With advances in web technologies and applications, it’s hard to stick to one site for too long though before a redesign is needed.  We should keep up with the latest web methods to interact with the public.”

The old site is now listed as an archive from 1998-2008 meaning it contains a lot of historical information. The information on guilds, biographies, and latest government structure is circa 2008.  The site will not be updated to the present day; that will be done with a new site.

Since 2008, PaxLair has remained very active and history has been recorded.  The PaxLair Forums and PaxLair Times contain the lastest information and history.  Historians will certainly do research to fill in gaps and document that which is undocumented.

Winfield spoke briefly about a future PaxLair web site.  “PaxLair is a great community of people who adventure and roleplay within Ultima Online.  As such, I want to create the PaxLair web site to look and feel like a real-world web site for a county or state of several towns.  When someone goes to the site, it will hopefully take them a few moments to actually realize this not a physical place in the real-world.  That would be a true compliment to roleplaying realism.  We will spend some time researching and designing the new site.  The new site will probably provide current, yet basic information about PaxLair and not try to do everything in one site.”

Winfield continued, “We will use our PaxLair Times for our official news, UOGuide for basic encyclopedic information about PaxLair, PaxLair Forums to communicate, UOForums and UOStratics for widespread news reporting, and Whispering Rose Radio for our voice interviews and special event broadcasts.  So the new web site will link together many services in a seamless way, I hope.”

Visit the old PaxLair Site with information primarily from 1998-2008 at

About Winfield

I am the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood. Our Statehood has four cities on the Chesapeake Shard: Dragons Watch, Nidaros, PaxLair City, and PaxOku. I'm an old mage and fisherman who's been around since the beginning of the Realm [1997].
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