A Public Response to Allegations Over Bad Magic

Shrine of Sobriety, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – May 14, 2012 – by Ashlynn – It has come to my attention that many accusations have been leveled against me for alleged use of bad magic such as necromancy and the like. There are also rumours circulating that I take the hearts of helpless victims and store them in baskets in my basement. These are all completely false of course. I am no necromancer and my magic is as pure as that of any Britannian mage, despite seeming otherwise at times.

This confusion may have arisen because I was taught a peculiar branch of specialized magery and so my spells are slightly different. They all share the same origin, including power words of gargish and to prove this, I will detail the seventeen spells in my special magery book below.

First Circle

Hungry Blade – A spell that temporarily awakens a blade giving it a small measure of lifeforce that it transfers to the wielder every time it strikes a foe. This spell is an odd evolution of the Ressurection and Heal spells as it manipulates life force.

Second Circle

Kharmic Armour – Magic that epitomizes the gargish principle of Balance. When an aggressor strikes a mage clad in “kharmic armour”, they too will feel the pain they seek to inflict upon others. My teacher learned of this particular spell in Ver Lor Reg, taught to him personally by one of the city’s chief mystics.

Heightened Magic – This spell does little by itself but is a refinement of the Bless spell. It heightens the power of other spells cast upon opponents and is quite useful in this regard. It is something of a one-shot spell though and having to cast it before casting something more useful can be a little annoying.

Stun Bolt – This particular spell is one example of the non-malevolent nature of my particular school of magery. As killing another creature is not always desirable, non-lethal magic was required. This spell causes temporarily debilitating pain but victims soon recover.

Spirit Jump – A peculiar mesh of the Invisibility and Recall spells, this magic combines aspects of both giving the user an incorporeal form and also granting the ability to recall across the realm at will. It is the incorporeal aspect of the spell that has obviously given rise to accusations of a wraith-like form.

White Wyrm Skin – Another defensive spell, this hardens the skin with cold and dry scales that are better able to resist physical damage. This does make users more vulnerable to heat and fire and such, so users should keep this in mind.

Third Circle

Mana Disjunction – I like to call this one Mana Muffle but the proper name is Mana Disjunction. It is an offensive spell cast upon opponents – generally other magic users – that makes it more difficult for them to concentrate and forces them to expend more mana to power their magicks. It is a refined version of the Mana Drain spell that my teacher would occasionally punish me with when I didn’t pay proper attention. He would simply say “now you have an excuse for not listening!”

Summon Helpful Animal – Very similar to the Summon Animal spell with a few minor changes. Those changes result in a smaller variety of animals that can be summoned, but those that can be called are somewhat more capable and useful.

Fourth Circle

Corpse Dance – Clearly the basis for some of the accusations leveled against me. This spell is not Animate Dead, Raise Dead, or anything of that ilk. It involves no manipulation of life or death force at all. Infact, the basis for the spell will surprise you. It is a refinement of the Telekinesis spell and simply allows a caster to control a corpse as though it were a puppet. It is quite possible to cast this on a mannequin or doll and achieve similar results.

Living Titan – This is another spell my teacher learned from the mystics of Ver Lor Reg. Similar to the stone form spell, this uses the power of the earth of strengthen and transform the caster into a being of immense strength and regenerative ability.

Fifth Circle

Noxious Mist – A more specialized version of the poison field magery spell, this creates a cloud of poisonous gas that lingers only briefly but can catch multiple opponents. Nothing at all sinister about it.

Sixth Circle

Freezing Fog – Strong ice magic that creates a cloud of cold wind around the caster, freezing those that get too close. It is an advanced spell as Flame Strike is to Fireball and takes quite a lot of skill to cast! It is however very effective against massed hordes of mongbats.

Stolen Air – Telekinesis that focuses upon seizing the air that surrounds and fills another person. Though there is nothing sinister about the nature or origins of the spell, it does leave a target gasping for breath and is sometimes frowned upon for this reason. Even considered wicked for such effects.

Arcane Vigour – The visual effects of this spell are merely cosmetic and can be changed with some effort. I have spent so long using it to make myself look like a lich that I forgot how to make it do anything else. What this spell actually does is use the casters own life force to power their mana regeneration abilities. It can be useful in a pinch. But not if you’re wounded. Or near death. Bad idea.

Seventh Circle

Spirit Guide – This is a very helpful spell for those trapped in the spirit world. Sometimes such souls cannot help themselves and they need guidance from the living. This spell guides those poor folk to somewhere they can better find such help. It is not always a hundred percent effective though and occasionally leaves targets somewhere they don’t want to be. And still dead.

Summon Shadow Elemental – Not all elementals are made of fire, water, air and earth. As everyone knows, they can be made of anything. It is possible in theory to create a spell that can summon every variety of them. My teacher never did get around to finishing the Summon Blood Elemental spell but he did complete his research into summoning Shadow Elementals and that is what this one does! For some reason they like shadowy robes and fighting with scythe-like implements.

Eighth Circle

Immortal Blood – A peculiar advanced spell that is a further refinement of the Bless spell. This improves the user in many ways – too numerous to mention I should add. It does leave casters with a slightly porcelain complexion though which might be why some consider it a little… strange.

Well I hope that clears things up a little and silences my accusers at the same time. If anyone else informs you I am necromancer, tell them that they are a liar. Especially Ozog.

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