News From Across the Realm, Volume 2, Issue 7

The Idle Press, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – April 6, 2012 – by Ashlynn – Your most noble and trustworthy reporter laments the fact that she missed the opportunity to entertain her readers with what would no doubt have been a hilarious april fool joke. Well perhaps not, but demands placed on my time have led to a lack of articles the past few weeks – something that shall be rectified.

And so for the first general news edition of the month. Much has happened and much has stayed the same. Let the events of the past unfold before your very eyes.

Explosive Events Unfold in Britain

This innocuous keg was the cause of a lot of worry for the citizens of the city!

Yesterday evening the guard were summoned to Serpents Hold by Captain Gwen Irina. From there they traveled to the gargish city of Ver Lor Reg to aid a gargoyle scholar by the name of Hfrofrem. He explained that they asked the famed Lord Balandar to concoct an alchemical explosive so they could clear the rockfalls in Central Ilshenar. Unfortunately said concoction was stolen.

It wasn’t long before they were sighted. Sharp eye’d folk had seen a number of strange barrels with the mark of Ver Lor Reg stamped upon them in the City of Britain. Some simple logical deduction later and the volunteer guard made haste to the capital.

Raiders were already present preparing to raze several buildings to the ground but the guard soon confronted them. Unfortunately I decided to depart at this point but I have not heard of a giant blackened crater replacing the City so I can only assume they were successful.

Noble of Skara Brae Murdered

The charred corpse of one Lord Osmer Mortimer was found several days ago pinned to a great oak tree by several large iron nails. Witnesses say that a riotous mob armed with hatchets, polearms, clubs and torches attacked his manor on the mainland reducing it to a pile of smoldering ash after looting any valuables they could find. The mob apparently dragged the man to the tree where they drove iron spikes through his limbs. Before setting fire to the poor portly fellow, the mob are said to have hung his three sons from the same tree before his very eyes.

The Mayor of Skara Brae has vowed to bring those responsible to justice but Andrew Sarthius of the Apiarists Guild has dismissed the oath as the empty promise of an ineffectual leader. Sarthius has instead called upon other nobles of Skara Brae to sponsor his endeavours in hiring “wave men” from Tokuno instead.

Town of Oasis Founded

In the crumbling wilds of Malas a new town has been founded with the noble aims of offering shelter and aid to those newly arrived or returned to the realm and as a place for established peoples and groups to come together.

The town which has been given the name Oasis is led by Lightning and a number of buildings have already sprung up including a consulate building where the officials of other towns can acquire offices.

More details will be forthcoming in a future article as the town is still in it’s founding stages but you can find it on the crumbling continent not far from Hanse’s Hostel. Anyone who wishes to forge links or become part of the town should contact Lightning, Mayor Zanku or Lord Maedhros.

Prayers For Lady Phoenix

Our beloved Lady Phoenix is on a leave of absence due to various troublesome ailments that are in the process of being remedied and thus, is unable to take charge of our regular friday expeditions for some time. But she insists that we not abandon our endeavours and forge on regardless.

As a result there will be an expedition this evening and aspiring attendees can meet at the Tea House at 8pm by the eastern clock. Before we begin our delve into the darker regions of Britannia however, we will be stopping by a shrine or two and offering prayers for her.

We wish her a speedy recovery.

Rumours and Other Snippets

Let it be known that Ozog the Lying Liar Goblin has been spreading FALSITIES about my pale nature, claiming I am undead. This is completely untrue and folk should ignore such blatant slander.

Surveyors were recently spotted in the City of Gyldenfeld.

Blackwin has apparently broken free of the terrible influence of Savaric the Lich and now resides in PaxLair City. It is said he will offer aid to all, good, bad or terribly ugly.

Evil berserker on dread warhorse allegedly seen prowling the abyss.

A stranger called the Scion has been leaving strange coded books in mailboxes across the realm.

Talk circulates in taverns about a group of ruffians preparing to attack ships flying the Nidaros flag. May or may not be tied to the Apiarists.

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I play with movable type on behalf of the PaxLair Times. I sometimes move the little wooden letters around to create something resembling an article. And I come and go like the wind.
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