News From Across the Realm, Volume 2, Issue 5

Errant Press, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – March 5, 2012 – by Ashlynn – Details of the disaster that befell the old fortress in central Ilshenar are amongst the news items this week. Also of note are several people being honoured by the gods themselves for services to the Kingdom of Britannia.

Tuna Shipment Woes

Attempts at the end of february to deliver a cargo of Golden Tuna from Trinsic to Britain met with disaster resulting in loss of the entire shipment. Raiders apparently from both cities continually harassed the caravan and the volunteer guards as they made their way along the old road towards the capital.

However it was not the masses of bandits that finally led to destruction of the fishy goods but a strange magical worm infection. Having gorged itself on the cargo, the worm finally erupted from the crates and set about the guards, attempting to devour them too though was quickly slain.

Relations between Trinsic, and the city of Britain which desperately needed the food, have grown sour as a result and there is talk of possible skirmishing should they grow any worse.

Pathfinders and Cryptologists Honoured

Six people were granted titles by the gods at the Hall of Commons on sunday for their special efforts in unraveling plots and decyphering various coded texts.

Four people were granted the title of Pathfinder for their work in diligently finding their way through half a dozen separate plots. Those named were Rhotua, Nyx, Gollem, and Lady Cat.

Two other people were also granted the title of Cryptologist for their efforts in decoding many of the cyphers used by a number of sinister groups over the past year or so. They were Fanny Firebottom and myself!

Jukan Refugees Flee to Ver Lor Reg

A few details (and I mean very few) have emerged concerning the fate of central Ilshenar as a number of Jukan refugees fled to the Gargoyle city in the nearby desert. Shirron, one of those refugees, explained only that a great calamity had befallen the fortress and the nearby area. It also seemed that looters and other unsavory characters had taken to stealing what they could from amongst the ruins in the wake of the disaster.

Shirron has offered to help adventurers reach central Ilshenar if they bring him samples of blood from a particular breed of blood elemental, which he needs to heal his master who was injured during the chaos. Those interested can find Shirron at the healers in Ver Lor Reg.

Water Turns Foul in Britain

High Population and Discontent have added up to trouble for Britain’s aquatic residents and perhaps even the water supply. The amount of trash and other detritus that has resulted from ongoing rioting has begun to seep into the waters turning the water a foul green colour in places.

While no major illness has been reported as of yet, memories of the water supply contamination a year or so ago are still fresh in my mind and I imagine it will not be long before corpses are floating alongside the offal.


Magical Keg for sale! Never runs out! Of air that is. Contact Lazulli.

Lich seeking liver. Price depends on condition. Seek out the infamous Savaric.

I am looking for several brave adventurers to help me find a legendary oversized magical lute said to be hidden away in some mountain caves. Please ask for Garm if interested.

Lich Bone Dust for sale. Contact Mach for details.

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