News From Across the Realm, Volume 2, Issue 4

The Riotous Press, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – February 23, 2012 – by Ashlynn – Events and incidents have picked up a little in the latter half of the month with pirates menacing the Tokunese coast, the Royal Guard suppressing peasant rioters, and the bones of an old lich growing ever older (and colder).

Royal Guard Responds to Protests

And respond they did. As the protests and riots across Britannia grew violent, Commander Foxx decided enough was enough. He rallied the guard and moved against the cities where the disorder was ongoing. Steels were drawn and the worst of the rioters were put to the sword while others were simply arrested.

As events unfolded, I asked some of the citizenry involved to comment on the guard’s militant stance. Unfortunately, many were in little mood to talk and one man even attacked me, hatchet in hand. It was only through the use of a Pain Spike incantation (which may I add, is derived from a perfectly respectable school of magic and is in no way associated with dark arts) that I was able to escape serious injury.

Healers were also on hand to aid those who were injured during the disturbances and Commander Foxx informed us that those choosing to take on such a role would be credited by the Healer’s Guild for doing so.

Decree Draws Defiance From Apiarist’s Guild

The decree a few days ago from the Office of the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood may have offered some reassurance to the Mayor of Skara Brae, but the Beekeeper’s Guild of the city was less than impressed. Traditionally a potent political force in Skara Braen life, some amongst the guild’s leadership fear their influence may be eroded by Statehood interference, and coupled with monetary losses due to recent unrest, could lead to an irreversible decline.

I asked the guild’s Grandmaster, Andrew Sarthius to comment and was given the following short statement by one of his scribes:

“This so-called assistance that the Statehood is offering the Mayor and the people of Skara Brae seems more like a convenient way of obfuscating a future wholesale annexation of our town during these times of unrest.

I wish it to be known that the Apiarist’s Guild of Skara Brae is utterly opposed to this move and further, that I believe the alternative of hiring Tokunese mercenary “wavemen” unwisely rejected by our Mayor is still the better solution for policing our city.”

Lich Celebrates Another Year of Unlife

On the 19th of this month, infamous lich and practitioner of terrible magicks (magicks far different from the kind that I am familiar with for they are much different and of no resemblance to each other) Savaric celebrated another year as a walking corpse with a small group of friends and associates.

The quiet celebration was held at a small fortified house in the woods near Yew, clearly out of the way for fear the local peasantry would object to such a frightening undead presence in their midst.

Being in attendance, I was present to hear Savaric thank us for attending and as a mark of appreciation, he informed us that we and the people of Yew would not be joining the ranks of his skeletal horde.

I don’t know about you, Sosaria, but I for one was most relieved to hear that.

Spectral Sailors and Goldfin Tuna

Yesterday evening Santiago of the Sons of the Sea called upon the services of several captains and anglers to help deal with a problem rearing it’s ugly head in the waters of Tokuno.

After dealing with the business of fishing competitions and giving congratulations to Orin and Someone Else (apologies for forgetting your name, I shall endeavour to find out and correct that in the near future) for their impressive catch, attention quickly turned to the issue at hand.

First, Santiago sought the Golden Tuna, and he wanted the biggest that could be fished up from the seas of Tokuno. Secondly, the waters were home to a new band of pirates recently driven from Britannian waters and they needed eliminating.

Several crews volunteered and with our objective given to us, we made for our vessel, a large 9-gun galleass called the Ghost’s Revenge and captained by one Lord Murc. Signing on the ship’s roll were many aspiring sailors: Earik, Lyra Slavienka, Fanny Firebottom, Lady Sushi, Balthier Trakand, Fruit Loop, Manshoon, Salty Dog Carlac, Jonah, Lady Engel, and of course myself.

With such a large crew it took a little time to make ready to leave port but eventually we set sail, Jonah and Lady Sushi setting lines to fish up the tuna while the rest of us searched for pirates.

The corsairs were elusive and we only managed to track down and sink one, but word reached us that other crews had sunk the remaining pirates. After crippling the pirate vessel, some of us jumped aboard to seize their cargo and Fanny Firebottom found detailed attack plans of Trinsic amongst the pirate’s belongings, which she handed to Captain Murc.

Our mission complete, we returned to Zento where our crew gradually disbanded, the plans suggesting we may be called upon again in the near future.

Bandits Menace the Highways

With unrest continuing in the cities, brigands everywhere are taking advantage of the situation to attack merchant caravans and travelers along the realm’s road with impunity. It seems with the Royal Guard and Town Watch’s distracted by civil disobedience, those taking the roads have become easy prey for the bandits.

One incident appeared to involve a large caravan traveling past Nidaros on it’s way to the City of Britain where it was accosted by a roaming band of cutpurses that slew all the horses and stripped the caravan bare. Of the merchants there was no sign and I can only imagine the terrible fate that as befallen them.

New Feature: Ask Ashlynn (Almost Anything)

Today I begin a new feature here on the times where citizens across Sosaria can send in questions that I will happily answer (or drop in the trash at Umbra bank). Today I have but one question that will serve as an example. Anyone wishing to field a question to be printed can speak to me directly or drop it in the postbox at my house.

  • Ozog: wot flavors are peeps favotie of creams?
  • Ashlynn: Cider flavour.


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