PaxLair Bestiary – Mongbat

Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – April 6, 2011 – by Ashlynn – Being some twisted cross between primate and bat thought possibly to be the result of deranged experiments, these vermin have spread like a plague across every facet of Sosaria. Of limited intelligence, these pests have hides covered in dirty brown fur, a pair of dull claws that serve as meager weapons when it attacks, and piercing red eyes behind which hides a somewhat feeble mind.

Despite their numbers, the creatures are poor combatants, easily dispatched by even the youngest of squires. Curiously though, the beasts show no fear, heedlessly entering the fray with no concern for their own survival, and survive they rarely do. I can only speculate that something they feed upon in the wild instills them with a feeling of invincibility not unlike that experienced by many a tavern patron of Buccaneers Den.

A simple sketch of a typical mongbat.

Oddly enough, my first encounter with one of these creatures many years ago was with the tame variety as opposed to one of their wild kin. The creature sat upon a grassy mound a few dozen yards away from the First Bank of Britannia patiently grooming itself while the citizenry simply went about their business. It wasn’t long before I was acquainted with it’s master who informed me of the creature’s name upon my asking, a name I still find amusing to this day.

Future encounters with the feral variety had me confused for quite some time as to what use these animals could be to anyone, but in our modern Britannia, it is quite clear they make excellent stuffed targets for revelers to throw darts at.

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