The Battle of Magincia

Ruins of Magincia, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – March 26, 2011 – by Ashlynn – This evening, Royal forces supported by an army of Volunteers and Meer allies from Lakeshire made landfall in Magincia, routed the Bane Chosen army and killed their leader, Virtue Bane.

What's left of the Royal Council addresses the assembled militia.

Summoning any and all volunteers to Castle Britannia, Lord Balandar, Commander Foxx and Captain Gwen explained the situation to the gathered crowd. Virtue Bane and his forces still occupied Maginicia, he was weaving powerful magic to create duplicates of himself and it was important he be stopped once and for all!

Soon enough, the Captain led our hastily assembled force to the northern beach of Magincia where we found a large force of Meer and Ethereal Avengers already fighting Virtue Bane’s minions. The volunteers quickly joined the fray and there were large numbers of casualties on both sides. Unfortunately, it seemed that the Meer had not forgiven the Bane Chosen sympathizers amongst us and attacked us as readily as they did Virtue Bane’s minions. As a result, I quickly hid nearby and opted to take notes while using my limited healing magics where I could.

Corpses of the fallen litter the battlefield.

During the battle, we were informed by Lord Balandar that we had to retrieve a crystal or perhaps multiple crystals from the fallen Virtue Bane duplicates. It was also imperative that we destroy all the duplicates before fighting the true Virtue Bane as their continued existence made him more powerful.

The battle raged on for quite some time and though it seemed as though we were making little progress, eventually the enemy was overcome and the daemon’s blood soon stained the charred grass of Magincia Isle. Still our task was not done however, and Lord Balandar led us to the Bane Chosen shrine built where the old moongate used to be and, performing some kind of strange ritual, destroyed the monument to Virtue Bane.

Our task complete, were departed Magincia for an old valley hidden somewhere in Ilshenar where Lord Balandar used the magic of the crystals and a great crystal statue to “solidify the cleansing” of the island as he put it. Once done, some of us were rewarded with artifacts recovered from the enemy and then we were free to be on our way.

The Crystal Statue used by Lord Balandar to help solidify our victory.

With Magincia now free from the grip of Virtue Bane, rebuilding of the city can now begin and Royal architects and surveyors already have plans in place to start reconstruction as soon as possible. Certainly good news for the sole remaining survivors of the disaster that befell the City of Pride.

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