PaxLair 13th Anniversary: Day 4

PaxOku, Tokuno, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) – January 18, 2011 – by Ashlynn – There were yet more fun festivities on the fourth day of the anniversary celebration. Day four featured a fun game of musical chairs and a dual maze event organised by Shef of Aryslan.

The contestants prepare to do battle!

Magical Musical Chairs was hosted by Lady Winmere and Lord Grimlar Mithrax and held in PaxOku at a towering stone structure in the middle of the town (or two). Based on the traditional game we are all familiar with, there were a few additional hazards; mainly running into other people, but also falling off the roof to your death below.

Fortunately, no one did fall and the last person standing (or should I say sitting) at the end of the game was Lord Enterprise in first place, followed by Doctore in second and Robin Hood in third.

The second event of the evening was the amazing dual maze, which was actually two mazes. The first was located in Aryslan on the facet of Felucca, while the second was to be found in Malas and those wishing to compete were to decide which maze they wanted to play at the beginning of the event. The Aryslan maze was far more dangerous and competitors were permitted to attack each other in the narrow corridors, while the maze in Malas was a more traditional labyrinthine puzzle with a goal of reaching the end.

We await the others to escape the clutches of the minotaur.

I opted for the Malas maze myself and found it to be quite challenging though I eventually managed to reach the end first. I was followed by Nanoc in second place who also commented on its devious design. As for the Aryslan Maze, I am unsure of the results at present but I did hear that it was a particularly bloody affair as intended I imagine!

At the end of the event, some of us moved on to the neighbouring Silent Auction House to discuss the days events and those still to come, as well as ideas for future games and contests. Tommorow marks the final day of the celebrations; Anniversary Day itself. As well as a formal sit-down dinner, there are still more events to come!

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